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Christopher Boone is the protagonist of The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time by Mark Haddon. He is an autistic 15-year-old boy who finds the dead body of the neighbor's dog, Wellington and decides to solve the mystery, finding out who had killed the dog. Christopher faces neglect, his father, and many other obstacles in order to find his mother and catch the murderer.


Both in the book and its stage adaptation it's heavily implied via Christopher's behaviour that he has Asperger syndrome, but it's stated only in the book's summary and was confirmed by his creator Mark Haddon in an interview. He is truly intelligent, and he outstands in mathematics. He has a great photographic memory and is a good observer. However, he is unable to understand facial expresions, save for the happiness and sadness, but only because he was taught of them; he isn't any better with metaphors and jokes either.

Also, he is openly atheist. According to his creator, he has been based on two actual people who have Asperger's.


Christopher lives with his father, Ed Boone, in Swindon. One night, he finds Wellington's dead body, speared by a garden fork. The dead dog's owner, Mrs. Eileen Sheers, calls the police, who after arriving interrogate the youngster. Christopher gets agitated after receiving too many questions and when an officer tries to grab one of his arms, the young man punches him, so he gets imprisoned until his father arrives for him. He subsequently starts investigating who killed Wellington, eventually discovering that his own father is the culprit and that he also lied about Christopher's mother Judy being dead, as in reality they divorced. Losing the trust he once had for his father, Christopher flees to London to reunite with his mother only to move with her back to Swindon after she breaks up with Roger Shears for rejecting her son.

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