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Chromastone is the Omnitrix's DNA sample of a Crystalsapien from the planet Petropia.

He is voiced by Dee Bradley Baker in Ben 10: Alien Force and Ultimate Alien while in Ben 10: Omniverse, he is voiced by Eric Bauza. Baker also voiced Diamondhead, Spidermonkey, Armodrillo, NRG, Humungousaur, Wildmutt, Swampfire, Big Chill, Jetray, Echo Echo, Water Hazard, Terraspin and Four Arms in the two series and Rex in Star Wars: The Clone Wars and Star Wars Rebels.


Chromastone is a silicon based alien made of extremely durable magenta-colored crystals. His body is overall purple, with several dark lines and spots. His hands and face are magenta, and he also sports six magenta shards on his back, two on his chest, and one on the top of his head that resembles a horn. His face consists of a mouth and one large green eye at the center.

In Omniverse, he looks exactly the same as he was in Ben 10: Alien Force/Ben 10: Ultimate Alien except that the crystals on his back and head are much longer.

The Prototype Omnitrix/Omnitrix/Ultimatrix symbol is on his chest.

Powers and Abilities

  • Energy Manipulation: Chromastone can manipulate energy to a certain extent.
    • Energy Absorption: Chromastone can absorb all kinds of energy ranging from electricity to energy blasts to mana.
    • Energy Redirection: Chromastone's physiology allows energy beams to bounce off him. Chromastone can also manipulate his energy beams to go in multiple directions at once.
    • Ultra-Violet Energy Beams: Chromastone can fire out ultra-violet energy beams after absorbing energy. While he can do this without absorbing energy, his attacks are much more powerful after doing so.
    • Energy Blasts: Chromastone can fire green energy blasts from himself without absorbing energy.
  • Enhanced Speed: Chromastone was able to move faster than Techadon Cash (who had previously defeated Kevin Levin) could react.
  • Enhanced Durability: Chromastone can be tanked with enough force to make dents in trucks.
  • Enhanced Stamina: Chromastone's advanced musculature is considerably more efficient. As a result, his muscles produce practically no fatigue toxins during physical activity. His virtually inexhaustible stamina enables him to exert himself at peak capacity for an undefined period of time without tiring at all.
  • Enhanced Strength: Chromastone was able to overpower the Techadon Suit Cash was wearing.
  • Heat Generation: Chromastone can generate enough body heat to melt Spidermonkey's webs.
  • Flight: Chromastone can somehow ignore the laws of gravity and achieve flight capabilities.


  • While his species is extinct, only Chromastone and Suglite are the remaining members to be alive.
  • He did not use his flight ability until Ultimate Alien.
  • Chromastone had concept art drawn by Glenn Wong and Eric Canete, whereas his final design was created by Chap Yaep, with color styling by Chris Hooten.
  • Chromastone is one of the four regular aliens to get a complete redesign in Omniverse; the others being ShocksquatchEatle, and Swampfire. However, Chromastone and Swampfire are the only two of these aliens to get redesigns mid-series.
  • Chromastone is one of the five aliens who escaped from the original Omnitrix; the others being GhostfreakGoopWay Big, and Spidermonkey.
    • Chromastone is also one of four regular aliens to be temporarily destroyed and removed from the original Omnitrix/Ultimatrix, the others being Way Big, Swampfire, and Feedback.



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