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Chromia is one of Elita-One's most skilled and trusted field commanders. Her flair for battlefield improvisation is legendary, and she is very good at interpreting orders to best fit a changing situation. She is fluid in handling unexpected circumstances and compensating immediately. Chromia is one of many female Autobots that fought alongside Elita One during the Great Cybertronian War. She enjoys her life as a fighter, and shows personality and interests similar to her Autobot love, Ironhide.

Most Transformers and many humans tend to underestimate her abilities as a warrior. Chromia enjoys using this misconception and the response she gets once her allies (and enemies) discover just how ruthless and deadly she can be. Chromia is one of the original warrior femmes. She is an exceptional pilot and an experienced leader. An excellent tactician and leader, she often gets frustrated when troops don't follow orders to the letter during missions. She is sometimes overconfident in her abilities, and forgets that she isn't built as strong as some of her fellow Autobots. Therefore, she tends to need patched up a bit more often than her fellow Cybertronians.

Animated series

Chromia is a female Transformer from the Generation One series, and girlfriend of the Autobot Ironhide. A renowned battlefield commander and second-in-command of Elita One's notorious female Autobot team. Like the rest of the female Autobots introduced in the episode The Search for Alpha Trion, she does not make another appearance in the animated series.

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