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The ChuChus are the main protagonist of the Sega game, ChuChu Rocket.

The ChuChus are small space mice who must collect all their rocket parts to espace their adversaries known as the Kapu Kapus, which are giant cat monsters.

The four best known ChuChus are ChuPea (red), ChuBei (yellow), Chuih (blue), and ChuBach (green).

The ChuChus voice actors are unknown.

Sonic and Sega All-Star Racing

The ChuChus return as playable character in the Sega crossover game. They ride the rocket that is similar to the one from their debut appearance. Their all star move is a summoning Kapu Kapu.

Notable ChuChus

  • Chiuh- Blue ChuChu and The Leader
  • Chupea- Red ChuChu and The female
  • Chubach- Green ChuChu and The Smart Guy
  • Chubei- Yellow ChuChu and The Big Guy


  • ChuChu Rocket is the first Sega game to be ported to the Gameboy Advance.
  • The ChuChu group represents the stereotypes: the woman, the leader, the fat one, and they crazy one.


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