Chuck is a Glader and Slopper in the first book and film The Maze Runner.

Chuck is played by Blake Cooper in the film.


The Maze Runner

Chuck becomes the first friend of Thomas after he enters the Glade. Chuck explains to him that it is forbidden to cross the doors of the Maze and that only the Runners have the right to do so.

The next morning, when Ben is banished for being stung by a Griever and attacking Thomas, Chuck refuses to see this. He tells Thomas in the evening that no one can survive in the Maze and that Ben will not survive.

Chuck is excited to see Thomas with Minho and Alby after they have been to the Maze the day before. Unfortunately, Thomas is punished by Gally and locked in the Pit by him for disobeying the rules of the Glade.

During the night, Chuck brings Thomas food and shows a small wooden object that he has carved for his parents, if he ever finds them again. He gives it to Thomas, who gives it back, promising Chuck that they will come out of the Maze. The next night, the Glade is attacked by the Grievers and Chuck is saved in time by Alby, who dies, although he was caught by a Griever. He is one of those who join Thomas first to escape. Several Gladers also rebel against Gally and leave him in the Glade as well as other teenagers. After their final attack on the Grievers, the group of survivors discovered a WCKD lab, destroyed. They are about to get out when they are stopped by Gally, who has been stung by a Griever and aims a gun at Thomas, but Minho throws a spear into Gally's chest, killing him, while Gally shoots a bullet into Chuck's chest, killing him. Chuck gives the wood object to Thomas before dying in his arms. The whole group mourns his death.

The Scorch Trials

Chuck is mentioned by Thomas when he talks to Brenda at the Right Arm HQ and shows her the little wooden figurine Chuck has given him. Newt told him that Chuck would have been proud of what Thomas did.

The Death Cure

Chuck is seen alongside Alby and Winston in Minho's imagination (captured by WCKD at the end of the second film) during an experiment to collect the serum against the Flare. Chuck is mentioned by Thomas, who punches Gally in the face and tells Newt that Gally has killed Chuck. Newt tells Thomas in turn that he remembers that Gally was stung by a Griever and half out of his mind. In a deleted scene, Chuck is mentioned by Gally, who tells Thomas that, every time he closes his eyes, he sees Chuck's face, showing that he feels guilty over killing him while stung by a Griever. Chuck is mentioned one more time by Newt in his letter to Thomas at the end.

Physical Appearance and Personality

Chuck was about twelve or thirteen years old. He was described as short and pudgy, with long brown hair and blue eyes on a flabby face. He is referred to by Newt as a "wee little fat shank." Though in the movie, Chuck has curly brown short hair and brown eyes and was a chubby kid.

Chuck was a mischievous Glader who loved to prank people in the bathroom before bedtime, which he demonstrated to Thomas on his first night in the Glade by tapping on the bathroom window before suddenly popping his head up and screaming as loud as he could. Because Chuck was presumably the youngest in the Glade, everyone else treated him like a nuisance, with the exception of Thomas. He has been also described by Thomas as being a quirky, excitable kid, funny, and seemingly innocent enough.


  • Chuck's Relic: In the Maze Runner film, before Chuck's death at the hands of Gally, he had given Thomas this crafted item he made from wood and told him to keep it before dying in his arms and Thomas carried it as a reminder of him.
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