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Chuck Ramsey is an muscluar agent from "Action Dad". The He is the best actor of the headquarters S.H.H.H.H.H (Super hollow fact heroic fighter Humatizados), who manages to overcome some missions and most of them is to combat Von dash, is married with Angela although they fight one-on-one.


Chuck is a tough as nails special agent with a no-nonsense attitude who will do whatever it takes to get the job done. He is very benevolent and puts the safety of his family and the world above his own. He loves danger and combat, and especially likes it when he is outnumbered and is given a real challenge. He is also a suave ladies man who can charm the ladies thanks to his amazingly rugged beard. Despite his status and intimidating disposition, he is actually a very friendly individual who loves his kids and is willing to help them out.


Chuck is a remarkable hand-to-hand combatant trained to peak physical condition. He is skilled in marksmanship as well and has a vast knowledge of military protocols. His agility and reflexes are almost superhuman. Aside from his abilities, Hank is one of the most muscular men in the world.

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