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Chum Chum

Chum Chum is one of the titular protagonists of the TV series, Fanboy and Chum Chum. He is Fanboy's best friend.

He was voiced by Nika Futterman.


His family comes from the tribe known as "Chulks" from the country of Chulkistan. His cousins and "Chuncle" Joe are Chulks just like him. Chum Chum currently lives and has lots of fun as a roommate with Fanboy. As he is quite short, he learns that being the smallest person is sometimes fun.


As Fanboy's best friend, Chum Chum is always full of fun. Chum Chum is easily fooled, and seems to like chocolate covered raisins, and he has a squeaky voice. Yo likes him, because he is 'Adorable', 'Cute', And 'Chum Chummy'. Fanboy doesn't like this, but feels sorry for her sometimes.

He is the youngest member of Fanboy's main group of friends, and hates being the smallest person. However, Chum Chum knows that he is not the only small person. He also has a cousin, Muk Muk, who is the same size as him and looks slightly like him, but talks with a weird accent. Chum Chum can also stretch out really tall, like he's standing strong.

Chum Chum is always smarter than Fanboy, and points out the stronger thing than what he said. He even looks up to Fanboy at times, and hopes he's just like him.

He's also loyal and will always stand up for Fanboy no matter what.



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