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No Captain Chunk!
~ When Chunk a helpful Pirate in Disguise.
'It's a stiff!'
~ Chunk looking a dead person

Chunk is the tritagonist of The Goonies. He is a friend of the Goonies and Sloth Fratelli. The Goonies names Mikey, Mouth, Data, Stef, Andy and Brand, and later in the movie He saw Sloth in Basement of Fratelli's Place.

At the end of the film, he love Sloth and huggin him. Later, he just smell ice cream in the basement but he saw Dead FBI Man he screams at him and he sticks with him. Later while The Goonies was telling chunk to go get police. Chunk just got taken by The Fratellis and he put him in the basement is Sloth's Place, Chunk just meet Sloth in Fratelli's Basement. Later on in the film, he gets kidnapped by the Fratellis.


  • He is a chronic liar with a tendency to often spin tall tales about himself (i.e. That he once saved a bunch of senior citizens from a nursing home fire, and that Michael Jackson once came into his house to use the bathroom), which is why most characters in the film don't believe him even when he tells the truth.
  • Mouth makes Chunk do an embarrassing dance called the Truffle Shuffle, which is where Chunk stands up, wiggles his stomach, and makes noises.
  • Chunk is also Jewish, having attended Hebrew school.
  • Chunk can tell the flavor of ice cream by smelling it from a distance. He can do the same thing with pizza.
  • Chunk is very hungry kid; when the Goonies found a dead person, Chunk was still clutching ice cream.

Other appearances

  • Chunk is shown alongside Sloth in the Robot Chicken episode "I'm Trapped".
  • He, along with the rest of the characters from the film, made a cameo appearance in the Family Guy episode "Breaking Out is Hard to Do"; when the Griffins are in the sewers, they encounter them and Peter Griffin asks Chunk to wave around his belly in “The Truffle Shuffle” as he does in the film.


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