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Private Leonard L. Church, also known as Artificial Intelligence Program Alpha, was a main character in Red vs. Blue, and was voiced by Burnie Burns, co-creator and former main writer of the series. He was the de facto leader of the Blood Gulch Blue Team and later revealed to be the Freelancer AI Alpha (revealed in Reconstruction: Chapter 16 by Agent Washington). Rooster Teeth often used Church, who has an irate disposition, to advance the plot by managing the situation at hand; this in a way makes Church the main protagonist of The Blood Gulch Chronicles, the deuteragonist in Reconstruction, and a minor character onwards for the rest of the series with Epsilon taking his place and role.

At the end of Reconstruction: Chapter 19, Church is finally revealed to be based upon the personality of the former Director of Project Freelancer, Dr. Leonard Church. The remaining part of Church was Epsilon. Epsilon, like Church, is voiced by Burns and has similar traits and looks, despite being a fragment.

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