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Ciara is one of the main characters in nickelodeon's sitcom series Knight Squad  

She is secretly a princess of  Astoria living a double life as Ciara. She uses the identity Ciara" in order to pursue her dream of attending Knight School because her father won't allow her to become a knight for her safety. She uses magic Pixie ring] to transform between Ciara and The Princess. By the end of the series, Ciara revealed her true identity to everyone in Astoria but The King said he already knew it was her and allowed her to become a knight forever.

She is portrayed by Daniella Perkins.


Ciara was born as the second princess of Astoria. She is the youngest daughter of The King. She has an older sister named Eliza, who is currently in a battle against their enemy, Ryker, and his army. Ever since she was a little girl, Ciara didn't want to be just the princess. She wanted to become a knight so that she can fight for Astoria. However, whenever she asked her father to let her train as a knight, The King refuses because he wants her to protect her.

In order to pursue her dream of becoming a knight, the princess discovered that she could use her magic ring to transform in a way that no one would be able to tell that she is a princess. She used the ring to transform into Ciara to secretly enroll in Knight School as Ciara. Because of her enthusiasm and skills at Knight School, Ciara has grown to become the leader of Phoenix Squad.

No one else knows that she uses the ring to transform between Ciara and The Princess - until Arc joins Knight School. Her sister also knows. Prudence and Warwick learn the secret in Season 2.



  • She and her best friend Arc were in the Henry Danger Universe and encountered their arch-enemy Ryker

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