Story of the aristocratic boy known as Ciel Phantomhive from the Kuroshitsuji series.


Ciel was a regular child in the past who maintained a cheerful disposition. As a child, he suffered from poor health, being afflicted with asthma and cat allergies. He would often smile and play with his family along with Elizabeth, his fiancée and cousin. Elizabeth said that when his parents were alive, the Phantomhive Manor was full of smiles.


On his tenth birthday, he was running through the manor when he came across his dead mother, father, and dog. He called for help and ran into Tanaka, who urged the young boy to flee. Before he could say more, however, Tanaka was attacked from behind by an unseen assailant who then grabbed Ciel.

Ciel was then sold, and his kidnappers commented that he is "rare" and worth more than two people. He was bought and branded by his new owners, giving him the mark of a "noble beast." He cried that he was hurt, dirty, and homesick.

He was then chained in a cage while masked adults looked on and remarked about what a splendid evening they will have. Ciel sadly wondered why no one was there to help him. One of the masked adults then placed him on a table as a sacrifice, and he was stabbed while the rest looked on gleefully.

BotA Ciel

Ciel being captured.

In a desperate desire to kill all of his tormentors, Ciel somehow managed to summon Sebastian at this point. He appeared in his true demon form and told Ciel that what he had sacrificed will never return. Sebastian asked Ciel if he wanted to make a contract and have his wishes granted. Ciel declared that he wanted the power to take revenge on those who mistreated him. The cultists tried to stop him from talking, but Ciel and Sebastian forged their contract. Sebastian asked him where he wanted his seal, saying that the more visible it is, the stronger the contract is. Ciel told him that anywhere was fine and that he wants a power stronger that anyone else's; Sebastian called him greedy and decided to put it on his right eye, causing Ciel to scream in excruciating pain. He then commanded him to kill his attackers; Sebastian then burnt down the building. Finally, Ciel stated his absolute orders: Sebastian must protect and never betray him, to obey his orders no matter what, and never to lie to him.

The first place they went after these events was to the Royal Hospital where his aunt worked; he was reunited with Tanaka, and a carriage was arranged to bring him back to his manor. He and Sebastian viewed the ruined manor, then visited the graves of him and his parents. Sebastian left briefly, and when Ciel returned to him, he found the manor had been rebuilt by the demon. Ciel later took his place as the Earl of Phantomhive and the Queen's Watchdog.

Sometime during the same year, Ciel summoned Sebastian to his room, complaining of a wobbly tooth that was preventing him from eating his food properly. After examining it, Sebastian decided to forcibly take it out, much to Ciel's chagrin. Ciel attempted to protest the idea but Sebastian proceeded regardless, under the impression that he was doing his young master a favor. After the tooth's removal, Ciel threw an angry fit at Sebastian. Ever since, he is unwilling to allow Sebastian to check for cavities in his teeth when they start to wobble.

Black Butler Arc

A voice speaks to a young boy, telling him to think carefully—once he forms a contract with him, he will no longer be able to enter Heaven. The boy angrily replies that he’s had enough; he agrees to form a contract with him. A shower of black feathers fall around the boy; a tall man stands in their midst.

A butler is helping his young master get ready for breakfast. When he is leaving, the young boy (Ciel) throws at a dart at him. Without turning around, the butler (Sebastian) catches it. He remarks that it was a good throw, but they should save the games for later. Ciel agrees. The entire household is present when Ciel sits down for breakfast. Sebastian enters the dining room, angrily asking Mey-Rin if she’s finished washing the sheets. He asks Finnian if he’s finished weeding the garden. He asks Baldroy if he’s finished preparing dinner. Since they haven’t Sebastian orders them to get to work.

As he’s walking up the staircase, Ciel notices his parents’ portrait. He summons Sebastian to his study and tells him he wants something sweet to eat. Sebastian refuses, saying he’ll spoil his dinner. Ciel is annoyed, but he ends the discussion by telling Sebastian to take the portrait down—he is head of the Phantomhives now. Sebastian is surprised and pleased by his response.

Ciel is next seen playing a very dangerous game with Mr. Damian while they discuss business matters. As he plays, he comments that once one has lost something, it is impossible to get it back. When Sebastian announces that dinner is served, Ciel states that they will resume the game after dinner since it’s not his habit to leave things unfinished. When Damian says he’s childish, Ciel coldly glares. He quickly says something to mollify the situation.

At dinner, Sebastian explains the meal and has Mey-Rin pour the wine. When she spills it, he swiftly removes the table cloth without letting Mr. Damian notice. Ciel says that this is what his servants are capable of; Sebastian answers that he was able to do this because he’s one hell of a butler.

After dinner, Ciel resumes his game, and Sebastian brings them some weak coffee. When Damian goes to make a phone call, he explains he did this out of consideration for their guest, but Ciel doesn’t like its color at all. He instructs Sebastian to offer their guest “Phantomhive hospitality”; when Sebastian agrees, his read eyes are glowing. Sebastian psychologically tortures Damian around the mansion, scaring him so badly until he leaves screaming and injured. Ciel laughs quietly in his study—he’s shocked that Damian was so bold that he thought he could steal money from him and still ask for more. He softly states again that once someone has lost something, they can never get it back again.

Ciel is entertaining some guests; they notice that his servants are unusually lively today. As they play pool, they talk about the recent “pest problem” (i.e. increase in criminal activity) that has also plagued London. Ciel believes that he’ll have it cleaned up soon enough. After the game, he gets tired of Lau and his aunt’s antics. Leaving them, he returns to his study hoping to find some peace and quiet. Sebastian notices his mood, and he offers to bring him something sweet to eat. Ciel tells him to bring it to his room; he’s had enough socializing. However, in his study, he is captured by a henchman of Azure Venere of the Ferro family (a member of the Italian mafia). Azure wants Ciel to let him and the rest of his team do as they please. Ciel still doesn’t break even when he tortures him. Sebastian comes to rescue him, and their relationship is revealed—Ciel is going to give his soul to Sebastian (who is a demon) once he has accomplished his goals and completed his revenge. Until that moment, Sebastian will protect him and obey him. Ciel tells Azure that it’s game over.

As Sebastian carries Ciel home, Ciel comments that the game was rather boring today. Mey-Rin and Finnian welcome him upon his return. They are worried that he’s hurt, but Ciel assures them that he isn’t. They laugh then, claiming he must be having fun being so high up. Ciel orders Sebastian to put him down. Finally, Sebastian apologizes profusely to Ciel since he has not made any preparations for dinner.

One day, Grell drops tea on Finnian. Mey-Rin and Baldroy watch as he hops around in pain. They ask Ciel why he took in such a useless idiot; he replies that he had hoped that Sebastian would have been the only one who would be inconvenienced when he agreed with Madame Red to train Grell into becoming a proper butler. Grell wants to kill himself to repent; the servants wonder when he got a knife. Sebastian asks him to stop—if he bleeds all over the floor, it will be trouble for him to clean it up. Grell claims that he’s so nice. Sebastian teaches Grell how to make tea. He tells him he’s willing to teach him, but if he ever wants to commit suicide again, he should do it outside the mansion. Sebastian and Ciel then go to a store to retrieve Ciel’s cane. When they return home, the entire mansion has been transformed into something “cute”. They are both shocked at what’s happening; Sebastian sees Grell hanging from the ceiling and quickly takes him down. He tells Elizabeth that Grell was ruining the aesthetics. She replies that that’s impossible since she made him so cute and does the same to Sebastian. All the servants laugh; however, they are immediately silenced with one look from Sebastian. He tells her he’s honored that she took the trouble to think of him. She wants to make everything and everyone cute, so they can hold a dance party. Grell asks about her identity; Sebastian reveals that she is Ciel’s first cousin and fiancée.

In Ciel’s study, Sebastian tells him he must learn how to dance, or he will ruin the family name. Although he instructs him, Ciel gives up eventually, telling Sebastian he is too tall. When Sebastian asks him to at least smile and laugh, Ciel angrily replies that he’s forgotten how to have fun.

Ciel soon comes downstairs, well dressed and ready for the party. However, when Lizzy takes his ring, Ciel yells at her to give it back. Everyone is surprised at his tone. Upset, Elizabeth smashes the ring on the floor. Before Ciel can hit her, Sebastian puts his cane into his hand. He apologizes to Elizabeth for Ciel’s rudeness and explains that the ring was a precious heirloom of the Phantomhive family. Everyone is even more surprised to see him throw the shards out the window. Ciel announces that ring or no ring he is still the head of the Phantomhive household. She starts crying, but Ciel wipes her face and tells her not to cry. He then dances with her while Sebastian plays the violin, and Grell sings. At night when Grell takes Elizabeth home, he thanks Sebastian for helping him learn the ways of a butler. When Sebastian is helping Ciel get ready for bed, he returns Ciel’s ring to him. Ciel is shocked that it’s perfectly fixed. Sebastian answers that it was very brave of him to put on such an act in front of Elizabeth and the others. Ciel says the ring has heard the final breaths of previous Phantomhive heads. He is afraid if he loses it, he will not be able to hear them again. When Sebastian is about to leave, Ciel asks him to stay with him until he falls asleep.

Jack the Ripper Arc

The Queen asked Ciel to solve the Jack the Ripper case; therefore, Ciel and Sebastian head to London. When they arrive at the town house, Madame Red, her butler Grell, and Lau are already there. With his arrival, they agree that the Queen’s Watchdog is on the case. Although Ciel is displeased, he takes them along on his investigation. After talking with Sir Arthur Randall, he heads to Undertaker’s establishment. After Sebastian pays his fee (providing him with the finest laugh), he gives them some information about the victims. He concludes that this killer won’t stop until someone stops him. He wickedly questions Ciel if he’ll be able to stop him. Ciel swears by his sullied name and family crest that those who dirty the Queen’s garden will be dispatched without question.

On the ride home, Angelina and Lau are shocked when Sebastian leaves a moving carriage. When they return, he’s already back with the information. They wonder if he’s just an ordinary butler and not a member of the secret service. He answers he’s just one hell of a butler. In the evening, Ciel, Lau, Angelina, and Sebastian attend a party given by Alastair Chamber of the Druitt Viscount family, one of their main suspects. Since he’s a known womanizer, Ciel dresses as a girl in order to get close to him. Although he’s extremely annoyed, Sebastian reminds him he did say he would do whatever it takes to solve the case. Unfortunately, Lizzie is at the party as well. Ciel is worried he will be caught. Sebastian, nevertheless, skillfully maneuvers him away from her and towards the viscount. Sill when Ciel is chatting with the viscount, Elizabeth is about to approach him again. Sebastian, wearing a masque, intercepts her by setting up a closet to perform a magic trick. He asks Lau for assistance. Taking advantage of Sebastian’s diversion, Ciel slips away with the Viscount. Sebastian asks Lau to secure the closet; once he’s inside he wants him to skewer the closet with multiple swords. When he’s inside, Lau attacks without hesitation. When Sebastian emerges unscathed, the guests are amazed. Lau tells Sebastian he was sure he had killed him. Sebastian replies it did hurt a bit since he didn’t anticipate him coming from above. Lau asks him what his trick was; Sebastian says he told him—there are no traps or tricks.

Ciel is with Alastair Chamber when he is overcome by some kind of knockout gas. When he wakes up, he is at an illegal underground auction. The seal on his eye lights up, and he orders Sebastian to come and rescue him. Sebastian knocks out all the people in the room, and he rescues Ciel. He tells him the seal on his eye is proof of their contract. Ciel replies that as his prey he will never be able to escape. Sebastian says he never lies like humans; he’ll follow him anywhere, even to Hell. Ciel replies that that’s fine—he is the only who must never lie to him. Ciel believes the Jack the Ripper case has been solved because they have caught the Viscount. Sebastian carries Ciel away from the party. In the morning, there is a report of another murder in the newspaper angering Ciel and making Sebastian suspicious.

Ciel is next seen playing chess with his aunt; Sebastian is waiting on them. As she reminisces about the past, he tells her everything he’s doing is for himself. He does not need pity or sympathy from anyone. Sebastian is helping Angelina leave when she asks him never to leave Ciel’s side. He promises her he never will. After she leaves, Sebastian gives his report to Ciel. Suddenly, he throws the papers in the air and tells Ciel to put him in check—he is his pawn and his sword.

In the next scene, Sebastian and Ciel are in street clothes in the street behind the next possible victim’s house. Sebastian doesn’t pay attention to Ciel when he’s talking (annoying Ciel) because he is fawning over a cat. Suddenly a scream shatters the night, and they hurry to the house. When Ciel opens the door, he is overcome by the gruesome scene. Sebastian takes him away. He holds him while he faces the real killer-Grell Sutcliff. Although Grell denies it at first, he then reveals his true form. Sebastian suddenly addresses him as a Shinigami. Grell is also surprised to meet a demon acting as a butler. Sebastian, however, is even more surprised—he asks why he’s behaving like this. Grell says it’s because he fell in love with a woman. That woman is Angelina. Ciel lifts Sebastian’s hand from his eyes when she steps out. She reveals that she’s the true killer; Ciel says that they had their suspicions, but he just refused to believe it. Ciel orders Sebastian to dispose of both of them. When Grell attacks Sebastian, Angelina talks to Ciel. She tells him that he would never be able to understand and attacks him. When she is about to kill Ciel, Sebastian rushes to rescue him. He is going to kill her, but Ciel yells at him not to.

Grell is impressed by Sebastian’s guts-how he rushed to save Ciel even at the cost of almost losing an arm. He orders Angelina to be as ruthless and kill Ciel. When she doesn’t, he kills her, and her dramatic record is displayed. He is about to leave when Ciel orders Sebastian to get the other “half” of Jack the Ripper. Grell says that he was going to spare them, but he won’t now. He asks Sebastian if he’s afraid—if he gets “hunted” by a real death scythe, he will die as well. Sebastian says since Ciel has ordered him to win, he will.

Ciel covers his aunt with Sebastian’s coat. Sebastian eventually throws Grell off the roof. Before he kills him, Sebastian asks Ciel if he’s prepared to accept the consequences of his actions. When Ciel asks if he needs to give him the same order twice, he answers that he understands. Although Grell begs him to stop, even offering information about Ciel’s parents’ killers, Sebastian prepares to dispatch him. However, just when he’s about to kill him, William, another Shinigami, stops him. He tells Sebastian he’s here to take Grell back and apologizes for any trouble he may have caused.

Finally, William drags Grell away, muttering about how much work he’ll have to do handle. Sebastian throws Grell’s death scythe at him, telling him they forgot it. William catches it, thanks him, and disappears into the darkness. Sebastian apologizes that he let Jack the Ripper escape. Ciel says its fine; he almost collapses from fatigue, but Sebastian catches him. Ciel knocks his hand away, surprising Sebastian. Ciel says he can stand on his own; he doesn’t need help.

At the funeral the next day, Ciel brings a red dress for his aunt surprising everyone including Elizabeth. Sebastian and Undertaker let red flower petals fly through the church. Afterwards Lau and Ciel discuss the situation. Ciel warns Lau that his opium dens are causing more trouble than usual—he should get out while he can. However, Lau says he hasn’t yet lost interest in England or in Ciel.

Book of Circus Arc

For a few moments, Ciel’s past is shown-how he was brutally tortured and the moment Sebastian appeared and formed a contract with him. Presently, Sebastian displays his exceptional skills as a butler. In the morning, he helps Ciel get ready, serves breakfast, and informs him about the day’s schedule. He tells Ciel that at six, Mr. Cedric Brandel (who owns a tea company) and Mr. Lau of Kunlun will be joining Ciel for dinner. Ciel orders Sebastian to give Brandel the Phantomhive hospitality. While Ciel is having his dance lesson with Mrs. Mayerl, Sebastian instructs the servants. Sebastian later brings some hot chocolate with caramel and nuts for Ciel in his study.

In the evening, Brandel meets Ciel; Lau tells Brandel he told him Ciel was small and cute. In the dining room, Sebastian has prepared a fantastic tower of crystal champagne glasses with champagne cascading down them. However, while Mey-Rin is serving the hors d’oueuvres, she trips on her shoelaces. The tray slips from her hands and disrupts the entire tower. Nevertheless, Sebastian amazingly rescues every glass. Not even a drop of champagne is spilled. At last he catches the hors d’oueuvres tray on top of the bottle. As Mey-Rin wobbles away, Lau states that Sebastian could catapult to stardom as an acrobat. However, just smiles and says he’s one hell of a butler.

Ciel immediately asks Brandel to discuss business. Brandel wants the Funtom Corporation to provide food and beverages for his tea salon. Sebastian serves him the new dessert they have designed-galette des rois with added cream and a serving of tea. They have also decided to add a special toy to it. Brandel suddenly lashes out at Ciel, telling him he hates two things-cocky brats and bets that don’t make money. His men attack and seemingly kill Ciel and Sebastian. However, Brandel is unaware that this is only an illusion created by Sebastian. Sebastian explains how he spent all day taking care of Brandel’s men. Backtracking through the day, Sebastian first defeated them with martial arts, next with cutlery, and finally with Baldroy’s flame thrower. Brandel is shocked Sebastian defeated 50 men by himself. Ciel adds that Lau told him Brandel’s selling guns on the black market. The Queen is distressed over London’s increasing gun-related crime rate. Brandel can’t believe that Lau betrayed him; Ciel retorts that he was never on his side in the first place. Desperately, Brandel pulls out his gun and shoots Ciel. Sebastian, however, grabs all the bullets. He states he can’t be killed by such toys. Brandel backs away fearfully, calling Sebastian a monster. Sebastian replies that he is a hellish butler; Ciel ends the conversation stating that the reason no one knows what punishment the Queen’s guard dog gives is simply—dead men tell no tales. Sebastian removes his glove over the glowing seal on his left hand, and Brandel’s screams are drowned by the darkness.

au comes into the dining room, asking Ciel if everything is settled. Ciel asks him where he disappeared to. He replies that some people gave him some Noah’s Ark Circus tickets mistaking him for the mansion’s servant. Puzzled, Ciel takes them.

Ciel goes to sleep at midnight. He tells Sebastian that the game was dull today. Sebastian states he’ll help him accomplish his foolish revenge-in exchange for his soul. When Sebastian is leaving, Ciel asks him to stay until he falls asleep. Sebastian finally states that a butler’s nights are long. He has to keep a close watch so no one can break his fragile prey-until the day he receives a soul brimming with despair. This a butler’s aesthetic. Ciel and Sebastian leave for London. Sebastian leaves the servants in charge of the mansion. They agree wholeheartedly to look after it. On the carriage ride to London, Ciel reads the Queen’s letter to him discussing the recent missing children. She points out most cases have occurred on the circus’ root. She wants him to handle the situation and find them as soon as possible. They go Randall’s office to retrieve some records and meet Abberline. When Sebastian offers him money for his help, he grabs Sebastian’s hand surprising him. Abberline states he only wants the children brought back safe and sound. Ciel tells him to get himself promoted quickly and leaves with Sebastian.

They next visit Undertaker’s establishment. Once again, he asks for the finest laugh as payment for his information. Sebastian is about to handle it, when Undertaker playfully questions Ciel if he’s going to depend on Sebastian for everything. Provoked, Ciel states he will pay Undertaker; he orders Sebastian to wait outside and not look in no matter what. Sebastian waits outside the whole day until he hears Undertaker chuckle. Undertaker is softly laughing; he can’t believe Earl Phantomhive would go that far. Ciel is exhausted, and Sebastian asks him what he did. However, Ciel doesn’t respond and asks Undertaker to now tell him everything he needs to know. Undertaker tells them he has no knowledge of them. Therefore, Ciel and Sebastian conclude that the Underworld is not involved in the kidnappings. Ciel decides to head to the circus right away. Ciel tells Undertaker to pass along any information that he may receive. As they are leaving, Undertaker tells Ciel that everyone gets one soul—he should be extremely careful with his own soul. Ciel says he is aware of that.

Consequently, Ciel and Sebastian head to the circus. It looks normal to them; they don’t notice the children in any of the acts. Ciel wants to try and make contact. When Joker asks if anyone in the audience would like to participate in the next trick, Sebastian immediately volunteers. Ciel realizes he’s planning to make contact and gather clues. However, Sebastian proceeds straight to the tiger. Ciel suddenly realizes that Sebastian just wanted to get close to the tiger. As Sebastian fondles the tiger, the Joker and Beast as well as the crowd are shocked by his actions. When Betty (the tiger) tries to eat him, they look on in horror. His antics throw the crowd into an uproar.

After the performance, Ciel is annoyed that Sebastian drew attention to himself for nothing. Sebastian apologizes; he loves cats and couldn’t resist since he hasn’t been able to discover their true nature no matter how long he’s lived. Ciel starts to sneeze because of his cat allergies and orders Sebastian to stay back. Joker suddenly approaches Sebastian and asks him to come with him to see the circus doctor. Ciel silently gives Sebastian his consent, and he goes with Joker. Ciel returns to his carriage. [80] However, when Sebastian mentions him to Joker, Ciel sneezes while waiting in his carriage. Sebastian returns to the carriage, and they head back to the town house. On the way, Sebastian wickedly smiles and tells Ciel he needs him to participate in this investigation—he has to join the circus too.

Ciel angrily retorts that he never ordered Sebastian to go that far. When they return home, Agni and Soma are waiting. Ciel recalls how he tricked them into minding his town house for him. Although Soma wants to spend some time with Ciel, he yells that he’s tired and goes upstairs with Sebastian. There they talk in more detail. Sebastian replies that he was sure that Ciel thought he’s capable of making some decision on his own. If Ciel doesn’t think he can do it, he won’t force him. Finally, Ciel tells Sebastian he has no choice—he’ll join the circus. Sebastian promises to help him on his entrance test tomorrow.

he next day, Joker and Dagger test “Finnian” (Ciel’s code name). When they ask him what his talent is, Ciel answers probably darts. Although the test is difficult and Joker and Dagger don’t think he’ll be able to pass, Ciel passes thanks to Sebastian’s help. Bewildered, Joker tells him there’s another test—he has to walk across a tightrope without falling. Doll assists Ciel; noticing his fear, she asks him if he will do it. Determined, Ciel answers he will. As he walks across the tightrope, each time he’s about to fall, Sebastian discreetly throws small stones at him so he can regain his balance. Grimacing under the pain, Ciel thinks to himself that he knew this would happen (Sebastian taking any opportunity to ‘play’ with him). Nonetheless, he makes it across. Joker passes him. He gives them stage names; Ciel is Smile; and Sebastian is Black. All the while, Sebastian is quietly laughing knowing well enough how annoyed Ciel is.

Joker shows Black and Smile around the circus. He feels sorry for Smile since he lost his eye at such a young age. He explains that all of them in the circus are broken one way or the other, so they are sure to get along. He adds that all the first tier members except for Snake have known each other since childhood. He also tells them not to wander around near the first tiers’ tents, since Snake’s tent has a lot of poisonous snakes; they attack any strangers. He finally tells Smile and Black to start practicing. When they are stretching, Sebastian tells Ciel he hasn’t sensed any of the children. He implies that it’s possible that they’re dead, but Ciel tells him not to say unlucky things—the Queen wishes for their safe return. Dagger suddenly comes up to them and tells them to stop stretching and start practicing or the other second string members will advance faster than them. He wants to decide what Smile and Black will do in their act. Sebastian suddenly proves he’s skilled in every circus feat imaginable. Exasperated, Ciel watches Sebastian alongside Dagger. When he’s about to swallow a sword, Dagger tells him that’s enough. Everyone is amazed at his skill.

Dagger laughs lightly, stating it’s quite surprising to discover two stars in one day. The other star is William T. Spears. Ciel and Sebastian are astounded to see him; his presence proves that something strange is going on at the circus. William states he smelled something foul—he questions what prey Sebastian is hunting now. Ciel is afraid that everyone will find out that Sebastian is a demon. But Dagger lightly hits ‘Suit’ on the head and tells him to cut it out. He adds that Suit is an occult freak. When Suit states that he will never work with vermin, Dagger tells him that the circus is a team, and they have to work together. Sebastian asks William to assist him, but he refuses. While they quietly argue, Dagger tells Smile to practice.

After some time, Ciel joins William and Sebastian outside. He tells William not to call Sebastian a demon here. The circus members at first will take it as a joke, but he shouldn’t behave like this. If he is unable to blend with humans, he will be worse than Grell. They collectively decide to stay out of each other’s way as long as they have to work here. Finally, ‘Suit’ asks Smile to keep his pet dog firmly reined in.

Joker tells them their tent assignments. Smile is with another young boy; Suit and Black are together in tent nine. Smile wants to room with Black, but Dagger laughs and says he need to get his freedom from Black. Ciel, however, senses mutual enmity oozing from both Sebastian and William. In the tent, Ciel chats with the boy (whom he secretly nicknames Freckles); Freckles offers him a Funtom candy. Ciel takes one and listens as Freckles talks.

In the morning, Sebastian fixes Ciel’s eye patch, remarking that Ciel can’t even get properly dressed without him. When the circus members laugh at him, Ciel orders Sebastian not to treat him like his master here and to leave him alone. Sebastian agrees; he then comically asks what Smile’s done with the potatoes. Freckles is dismayed, but Black tells him he will be able to salvage the situation by making fish and ships. After working and trying to practice, Freckles takes Smile to the shower; however, Ciel discovers it’s an open-air cold shower. He tries to stop Freckles, but he insists it won’t hurt for long. Suddenly, they slip and fall; Freckles sees the mark on Ciel’s back. Cold, wet, and upset, Ciel runs away from him.

Sebastian brings Ciel a change of clothes and asks him if he’s alright. Ciel yells at him that he’s had enough—he’ll go mad if things go on like this. Sebastian laughs lightly and replies that this is not like him. It is impossible for such trifles to drive Ciel mad. Remembering his traumatic past, Ciel gets up. He states Sebastian is right; as the Phantomhive head, he’s just not used to living like this. He tells Sebastian that they should get this over with quickly.

As Sebastian dries him off, Ciel states that he had wanted to rise through the ranks, so he could search the first tiers’ tents. However, since he’s at his limit, they’ll have to sneak in instead. Sebastian prefers using brute force, but Ciel tells him to behave. Ciel wants to go home and eat something sweet. Sebastian promises to make some tea to go with it.

That evening Ciel and Sebastian are helping the other performers get ready. When Ciel realizes he has a little free time and Freckles isn’t with him, he orders Sebastian to check the tents with him now. However, Wendy has twisted her ankle, and Joker asks Black to take her place. Sebastian tells Ciel that they’ll have to search the tents another time; Ciel replies that they don’t know when they’ll get another chance. He tells Sebastian to tie up the snakes for him now and release them before the encore. That will give him enough time to search. Sebastian asks if he’ll be all right on his own; Ciel replies that he can handle it.

While Sebastian performs, Ciel is searching the tents. He finds a photograph of all the first tier members standing with an unidentified man in front of a workhouse. However, he can’t read the full name. Suddenly Beast enters the tent; she changes her clothes and leaves. Luckily, Sebastian has rescued Ciel by coming back earlier. Ciel shows him the photograph; he notes that the man is wearing a signet ring. Since Ciel still has to search Joker’s tent, he orders Sebastian to go back for the encore and release the snakes when he is done. Sebastian is smiling wickedly as Ciel runs out.

Ciel is searching Joker’s tent when he discovers some papers about him. He is shocked that the troupe has such information about him. Before he can investigate further, he has to escape because the members are returning. The snakes have also been set loose outside; unexpectedly Doll catches him and takes him away from everyone. When Doll asks him what he’s doing, Ciel lies and says he was going to steal because his old habits compelled him. Doll promises that she won’t tell anyone as long as he doesn’t do it again. She also reveals her own secret—she’s actually Freckles. Shocked, Ciel asks her why she pretends to be a boy. She replies that she prefers to sleep with others—she just feels safer that way. Shaking hands, they promise to protect each other. However, Ciel thinks to himself that there is no guarantee of anything—people can lie and betray at any moment, and he is no different.

Exhausted, Ciel goes to Sebastian’s tent. He yells at Sebastian, saying Sebastian knew he was still in the tent when he released the snakes. Sebastian playfully replies that it’s his own fault for giving the wrong order. If he’s not careful, he may suffer some nonfatal injury. Finally, Sebastian adds that every game needs its thrills—Ciel’s such an avid player, Sebastian assumed he shared his opinion. Ciel retorts that Sebastian’s “game” is in sickeningly bad taste. He is about to discuss the case with him, when William attacks Ciel. Although he dodges it, William tells Ciel not to cross onto his side—if the master cannot obey the rules, how can William expect the dog to. Irritated, Ciel goes outside with Sebastian. However, he suddenly starts coughing violently. Sebastian can’t understand what’s wrong; Freckles also rushes over when Ciel loses consciousness and collapses. The doctor states that Ciel has suffered a severe asthma attack; he probably had it when he was younger. Any form of heightened stress can trigger a relapse. Freckles guiltily admits that he made Smile go to the outdoor bath today. He immediately offers to take care of him. Using Morse code Ciel instructs Sebastian to continue working on the case. He’ll rest here.

In the morning, Sebastian collects Ciel to take him back to the town house. Sebastian tells William they are leaving because their work here is finishes. William tells him he doesn’t care where he goes as long as his master is with him. Watching them walk away, William is pleased that he can now work in peace.

Back at the town house, Ciel wants to leave immediately to confront the Baron. However, Soma refuses to let him go because he is sick. Agni criticizes Sebastian’s treatment of Ciel- stating that it is a butler’s duty to always make sure their master is in perfect health. Sebastian is surprised by his outburst and ultimately agrees with Agni shocking Ciel. They succeed in making Ciel rest; in the evening Sebastian quietly states that everything will end tomorrow. He finds the candy Doll gave to Ciel and throws it in the fire.

In the evening, Ciel wakes up. Although he is angry that Sebastian let him sleep for so long, Sebastian states that they can no proceed since he is better. When Sebastian tries to coddle him, Ciel tells him to immediately return to his usual behavior. Sebastian agrees, and he informs Ciel that Elizabeth is visiting the mansion. Ciel decides to end this case tonight. When they are about to leave, Soma once again tries to stop Ciel. Ciel quickly tricks him into letting him leave. Sebastian uses his demonic powers to reach Baron Kelvin’s mansion in only one hour.

Joker is waiting to meet them. Sebastian suggests that they should kill him immediately and rescue the children. Ciel answers that they should wait to meet Kelvin before they do that. Joker suddenly laughs softly and states that he never thought Smile could be the villainous noble or the Queen’s watchdog. He adds that it must be a hard life. Ciel reprimands him by telling him that he doesn’t allow servants to call him by his first name. Joker takes them to Kelvin. Kelvin invites Ciel to dinner and puts on a show to entertain Ciel. The performers in the show and the servers at dinner are all the missing children-more than the police reports had stated. However, they all are in some kind of trance and don’t speak. During the show, grotesque and brutal acts take place; Baron Kelvin laughs wildly, but Ciel is horrified. He orders Sebastian to save one girl; Sebastian confirms that they are all the missing children. He adds that this is indeed one way to enjoy the circus. Ciel darkly states that he’s had enough. He’ll tell the Queen that he found the vile, unsightly, and evil culprit, and he exterminated him with his own hands. He points his gun at Kelvin; Joker attacks Ciel, but Sebastian stops him. Ciel asks Kelvin where the other children are. Kelvin takes them to the cellar. He says that he wanted to be with Ciel that day. When Ciel wonders what day he’s referring to, they arrive at an underground room that is identical to the place where Ciel was tortured.

Baron Kelvin explains his reasons for doing all this (recreating this place with the “lambs” (the children) and bringing Ciel here. He adds that he knows Ciel killed everyone on that day and escaped. He wants Ciel to grant him the same death as the rest of his comrades.

Outraged, Ciel shoots Kelvin; screaming wildly, Joker breaks away from Sebastian and tries to attack Ciel. However, Sebastian cuts his real hand and tells him not to get in his master’s way. Joker begs Ciel not to kill Kelvin, however, Ciel tells Joker that there are two kinds of people in this world-the ones who steal and the ones who are stolen from. Today, Ciel stole the futures of Joker’s family. Joker laughs maniacally in the sudden realization of this truth; however, he says he’s not the only one who will lose today—Ciel will lose as well. The other members of the circus are going to the Phantomhive mansion. Until they find Ciel, the target, they will kill anyone who gets in their way. Sebastian suddenly laughs quietly, and Ciel is unfazed. He tells Joker that his servants are Phantomhive servants. Once anyone enters their web, no one can escape, and they will die to protect the family’s secrets. Joker fearfully replies that his family won’t be defeated so easily; Sebastian says he is free to believe whatever he likes; nevertheless, Joker should realize that they were all chosen by him.

Unexpectedly the doctor shows up; Joker tells him to escape quickly because Smile and Black are from Scotland Yard. However, the doctor is nonplussed because he says that Joker and his friends committed the crimes. He suddenly gets up from his wheelchair, proving he’s not lame. He tells a shocked Joker that people trust him more when they think he’s disabled. He rushes over to Baron Kelvin, but he discovers that he won’t make it. He asks Ciel if he can introduce him to the Queen; he may be able to assist her in some anti-aging treatments. As proof of his skill, he offers to show Ciel how he made the circus members’ prosthetics. Ciel suddenly grasps what really happened; Sebastian casually remarks that his materials were unusually refined. Joker is horrified, screams loudly, and collapses when he learns that his hand was made from the bones of the abducted children. The doctor takes a little flower girl out from the cage and takes her to a table. The second he stabs her, Ciel is overcome by his traumatic past. Screaming, he falls to the floor, coughing and gasping. Sebastian gently lifts him up, holds his hand, and undoes his eye patch. He tells Ciel there’s nothing to be afraid of now that he’s outside the cage. All he has to do is command him. Jolted awake, Ciel orders Sebastian to kill them. Sebastian instantly kills the doctor and Baron Kelvin. Ciel orders him to destroy the mansion as well. Sebastian replies that he thought the Queen wanted the children brought back. Enraged, Ciel grabs Sebastian’s face, startling him. Ciel tells him to burn everything—there are no survivors; this is his order. Sebastian sighs and takes off his bloodied glove. Carrying Ciel in one arm, he uses his other hand to ignite the entire mansion.

When they come out, Freckles faces them. She can’t believe that Smile and Black betrayed them. Ciel replies that he was never on her side. Sebastian adds that they didn’t come to capture them—they came to erase them in the Phantomhive name-the Queen’s loyal watchdog. Shocked that her family has been killed, she rushes at them to kill them; Ciel quietly orders Sebastian to end it.

The next day, Ciel heads to the orphanage; Joker claimed that they still had brothers and sisters who depended on the Baron. On the train ride, Sebastian questions Ciel, asking him why he decided to kill those children. Ciel replies that children like that can never return to normal—the only reason he survived was because he summoned Sebastian right before he broke completely. Sebastian brought the necessary strength and power he needed to go on. Sebastian answers that that’s quite arrogant of him. Ciel softly replies he is arrogant, but he knows his limits. He is not the kind of person who claims he can save everyone.

When Ciel and Sebastian get there, they find that the workhouse doesn’t exist anymore. Sebastian comments that it must have been gone for a long time; all the children were probably used in the doctor’s experiments. Ciel suddenly starts laughing wildly. He states that the circus members were trying so hard to protect something that didn’t even exist anymore. They killed, deceived, and even died for nothing. He finally yells that this is how humans are—he is no different. Sebastian is astounded by Ciel’s outburst. Nevertheless, he smiles and quietly laughs. He thinks to himself that humans do whatever they can just so they can get over the hill and faraway. Maybe this is why he, as a demon, finds humans so interesting.

Book of Murder Arc

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Book of Atlantic Arc

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Houndsworth Arc

He goes to the village of Houndsworth to investigate the high number of deaths and continued dog fights; Queen Victoria has declared that that is animal cruelty. Ciel uses the guise of trying to find a resort for the Queen to travel freely in this area and not arouse suspicions. Sebastian, Ciel, and the Phantomhive servants stay with Henry Barrymore and learn that the devil dog is a farce that he manufactured to keep the villagers under his control. When Henry takes the story too far, resulting in the murder of James, they go to a circle where James' sixth dog is being violently beaten. There, they reveal the truth to the villagers, who stop attacking the Phantomhives and jail Henry instead. However, Henry is taken from his cell and killed.

After some investigation, they learn that there is a real devil dog, named Pluto, who Sebastian subdues. Pluto killed Henry for his cruelty and his abuse of the devil dog legend. When Angela sees how well Sebastian is able to control Pluto, she asks him if she can send him back with them. Ciel agrees to this, knowing how much Sebastian hates dogs.

Sebastian's discovery of hot water also makes the trip successful for the queen; now, the town can be modified into a spa resort. When they leave, the townspeople are seen zealously working toward this new goal. This was something Henry did not want them to do.

After their visit and back at the Phantomhive manor, Ciel tries to get a picture of Sebastian with a special camera. This camera shows who the person cares about most; furthermore, this person/thing is not of this world. Ciel sends Baldroy, Mey-Rin, and Finnian on this mission. However, Sebastian is able to avoid his attempts, until Ciel puts himself in harm's way. This forces Sebastian to pause long enough for them to get a picture. Sebastian says that Ciel could have simply ordered him to pose for it, but Ciel denies knowing what he's talking about. However, before the photo can be developed, Pluto destroys it 'accidentally'. Later that evening, Sebastian finds Ciel sleeping and takes a picture with him instead. The next morning, it is discovered that Pluto is in the same photograph with Ciel and Sebastian, to the dismay of the Phantomhive servants.

After their visit and back at the Phantomhive manor, Ciel tries to get a picture of Sebastian with a special camera. This camera shows who the person cares about most; furthermore, this person/thing is not of this world. Ciel sends Baldroy, Mey-Rin, and Finnian on this mission. However, Sebastian is able to avoid his attempts, until Ciel puts himself in harm's way. This forces Sebastian to pause long enough for them to get a picture. Sebastian says that Ciel could have simply ordered him to pose for it, but Ciel denies knowing what he's talking about. However, before the photo can be developed, Pluto destroys it 'accidentally'. Later that evening, Sebastian finds Ciel sleeping and takes a picture with him instead. The next morning, it is discovered that Pluto is in the same photograph with Ciel and Sebastian, to the dismay of the Phantomhive servants.

Shard of Hope Arc

After Ciel and Sebastian learn from Fred Abberline that the Shard of Hope ring is needed as evidence in a string of kidnappings, they go to Undertaker. He tells them that the ring has accidentally been incorporated into an ice sculpture's contest's prize. Deciding to take the glory of getting it for himself, Ciel enters Sebastian into the contest. Sebastian's ice sculpture of Noah's Ark is awarded the top prize; however, the original thieves blow up the ice, causing the prize, including the ring, to fall into the river. Ciel decides that there is no need to retrieve it, believing they supposedly lost it to the frozen waters.

However, the ring is not lost. It ends up in Elizabeth's hands, and results in Drossel Keinz kidnapping her. Ciel sends Sebastian elsewhere while he enters the Mandalay manor with Pluto and Grell. [31] When they fail to find her in the main part of the mansion, they go to the sealed tower in the back, which Pluto is able to open by using his demon hound abilities. Inside, they find Elizabeth. She is being controlled by Drossel's puppet strings. She attacks, but Grell cuts her down. Drossel then goes on the offensive, but Sebastian defeats him. Afterwards, they learn that Drossel is being controlled by another doll, but they decide not to give chase. They believe that the doll's controller is not nearby. Furthermore, Ciel does not want to subject Elizabeth to anymore bloodshed.

Finally, Elizabeth celebrates Ciel's birthday; she tells him that she wanted to replace the ring she had broken. However, Ciel tells her not to concern herself with it anymore. When the Shard of Hope shows up in his Christmas pudding, Elizabeth takes it as a sign of good things to come for Ciel. Ciel, however, dismisses it as a coincidence.

Indian Butler Arc

Ciel is in London investigating a series of incidents regarding people who have returned from India. He asks Arthur Randall for some information. Although Randall behaves coldly with him, Ciel gets it and leaves with Sebastian. They end up in an unkempt district full of Indian immigrants who attack them. They claim the English are responsible for their misfortune. Ciel orders Sebastian to take care of everything quickly. A well dressed young man unexpectedly arrives and asks the Indians about someone he’s searching for. Noticing the fight, he orders his khansama (Agni) to side with the natives. When Ciel angrily comments that is it customary for them to attack innocent people, the young man realizes “his” people are at fault. He orders Agni to side with the “short one”; Agni easily defeats the natives. The young man tells Ciel he’s looking for someone and leaves.

Ciel returns to his town house and the servants welcome him home. Lau shows up with Agni and his young master Soma. Ciel is astounded that Soma just imposed himself on him; Soma tells him it’s common sense to host someone one is indebted to. He tells everyone he’s an Indian prince.

In the morning Soma asks Ciel to help him and be his guide. Sebastian, however, tells Agni and Soma that Ciel must adhere to a strict schedule. When Ciel is practicing his fencing skills, Soma challenges him to a fight—if he wins, Ciel will come with him and help him. He quickly realizes, however, that the foil is not like a real sword. When Ciel is about to defeat him, Agni rescues Soma and attacks Ciel. Although he immediately apologizes that he attacked him without thinking, Sebastian states he must get revenge for Ciel as the Phantomhive butler. Soma tells the two butlers to duel. Nonetheless, Agni and Sebastian are evenly matched, surprising both Ciel and Sebastian. Sebastian quietly tells Ciel he doesn’t believe Agni is a Shinigami; however there is still something strange about him.

During dinner, Lau and Ciel listen to Soma’s story. He tells them he has come to England to look for Meena, a servant from his childhood who was taken away from him. Ciel states simply that he’s come a long way just for a servant. Angrily, Soma grabs him-questioning Ciel if he can understand the despair he felt by her loss. Remembering his own loss, Ciel answers that he can’t understand Soma’s feelings over something as trivial. He unhands himself from Soma and leaves. Alone, he comments softly that some things can’t come back no matter how hard one struggles. Later in the evening he offers to play cards with Soma in an attempt to cheer him up. Soma unexpectedly states that he’s busy and must leave. Lau offers to play cards with an annoyed Ciel instead. While they are playing, they discuss the situation. Sebastian suddenly tells Ciel that Agni is on the move. Ciel is going to investigate with Lau and Sebastian when Soma announces that he wants to come too. He knows Agni is hiding something from him. He wants to find out what that is.

The four of them follow Agni to Harold West-Jebb’s home, a known Indian goods buyer. Ciel, however, considers him a despicable rogue. They sneak into his house and listen to the conversation he’s having with Agni. Harold is confident in his victory in the curry contest now that he has got rid of all his rivals and acquired Agni. This way he can obtain the Royal Warrant. In exchange for his help, he’ll tell him all about Meena. Hearing her name, Soma bursts into the room and demands to know the truth. He also orders Agni to defeat Harold. However, Agni attacks Soma instead. In the hallway, Ciel, Lau, and Sebastian discuss the situation. Ciel orders Sebastian to retrieve Soma without revealing his identity. Wearing a mounted deer’s head, Sebastian enters the room and rescues Soma. Lau takes Ciel away as well.

Back at the town house, Soma is angry and upset over Agni’s betrayal and breaks Ciel’s tea set. That night, Sebastian comes to Soma’s room and informs him about the truth of his life—he never had anything; everything was given to him by his parents. Therefore, it is impossible for him to lose anything even Meena and Agni. Terrified, Soma tires to leave the room and screams that Sebastian is wrong. Before Sebastian can verbally abuse him any further, Ciel stops him. He tells Soma that he was forced to taste humiliation, but he still got up again. He has returned to kill the ones who humiliated and betrayed him. It’s not for revenge—he’s only doing this to make himself feel better. Realizing how wrong he is and how far Ciel went to help him, Soma asks Ciel to befriend him and teach him the ways of the world. Although Ciel doesn’t openly agree to this, he allows him to stay on in the town house. Overjoyed, Soma hugs Ciel surprising him. He also apologizes quietly to Sebastian. Sebastian responds that things have gotten quite interesting.

In the dining room, Ciel explains the whole situation to Lau and Soma. The incident with the immigrants was West’s plan to remove any competition in the curry contest. In this contest, the company who gets the Royal Warrant will undoubtedly profit enormously. Soma tells Ciel it’s impossible to beat Agni because of his extraordinary curry cooking skills. Nevertheless, Ciel is confident in Sebastian.

Later on, Sebastian brings Ciel some chocolate in his study. Even though Sebastian uses Soma as a taste tester, nothing can match Agni’s curry. Ciel angrily instructs Sebastian to get to work; he should just add the chocolate he made for him in the curry. Sebastian quietly leaves him.

The next day, Sebastian helps Ciel get dressed for the contest. Then he takes all of them to the venue. When he has to prepare, he leaves them and goes inside. They are all present when Queen Victoria arrives at the contest. Sebastian reveals that he has prepared 'Curry Bread' as the Funtom Corporation's entry in the contest.

Finally, when Meena and the other audience members go on a rampage from the spice curry monster, which reveals the demonic emotions of a person, Ciel orders Sebastian to force-feed them his curry bread. This cures everyone; as a result of this display, Queen Victoria declares their curry bread the winner.

Finally, Ciel is last seen standing with his household while he converses with Ash, the Queen's butler. He is annoyed when Soma suddenly starts holding him and crying over Meena's loss.

Haunted Castle Arc

Ciel learns that the castle he is trying to modify into a hotel is home to two ghosts who are scaring off the workers. He and Sebastian go to investigate, and they encounter King Edward and Richard, two ghosts who have inhabited the castle since their murders 400 years ago. They win Sebastian as a butler in a game of chess by cheating. Ciel is forced to stay and investigate further, so he can win Sebastian back and get rid of the ghosts.

After learning more about them, Ciel and Sebastian help them find peace and they move on to heaven. Afterward, Ciel continues to develop the castle, although he had promised Edward that he would not.

Book of Doomsday Arc

Ash informs Ciel and Sebastian about a cult that is planning to overthrow the government, and requests that Ciel stop them. He can either kill the cult members or disband them, although Ciel is free to chose whichever approach he desires. Ciel and Sebastian also learn that the cult has had a large number of coffin shipments, and they approach Undertaker for assistance. At his establishment, they meet Grell as well; he insists on accompanying them. The three of them are welcomed into the convent and pose as potential inductees. This gives them the chance to investigate. They learn that only young boys who are a member of the heaven's choir can get close to the mysterious priest who oversees the cult.

Ciel fulfills this role and finds out that a creation of his mother and father have been made into the priest. Sebastian kills him at once when he tries to strangle Ciel. Angela reveals herself and kidnaps Ciel, taking him to the Grim Reaper library where she attempts to rewrite his past. However, he resists, claiming if he gives up his hatred and his revenge, then he won't be Ciel anymore. As the illusion vanishes, Sebastian catches Ciel in his arms. Enraged, Angela goes on the rampage, but with Undertaker's aid, Sebastian, Grell, and William stop her. They conclude that Angela's threat still needs to be resolved.

Conspiracy and Revenge Arc

When the body of John Stanmere shows up in the river, Ciel and Sebastian try to retrieve something from it as per Ash's request. However, when Ash refuses to reveal more information, they go to Lau for help. He promises to spread a rumor on their behalf. Ciel and Sebastian hope this will lure out the thieves of the item Stanmere had.

Later, however, Ash has Abberline and Randall arrest Ciel and Sebastian, stating they found large quantities of opium in Ciel's warehouse. They separate both of them, and Abberline is left in charge with Ciel. When Ciel decides to steal away in the night, Abberline offers to help him. After their own investigation, they learn that Lau was actually Stanmere's killer. They are about to be killed by some gunmen, but Ciel calls Sebastian to him immediately. He rescues them; together they decide to go after Lau. Finally, Ciel warns Abberline to stay away from him; if he does not , he'll be killed.

Ciel and Sebastian chase Lau and Ran-Mao and discover them on their boat. Sebastian deals with Ran-Mao while Ciel confronts Lau. Ciel learns that the document he was retrieving from Stanmere's corpse reveals Queen Victoria plans to start a world war. Angry, he attacks Lau, but Lau gains the upper hand. Lau ends up slaying Abberline who had come to Ciel's rescue. However, Lau is ultimately cut down by Sebastian.

During a brief bit of peace, Ciel spends a day with Elizabeth, teaching her how to play chess. His staff works on finding some way to cheer him up; the servants decide that for Ciel's sake they must smile and defend this mansion from any threats. Seeing their disheveled states after the attack, Ciel tries to return their smiles, but he orders them to get cleaned up immediately.

Sebastian and Ciel go to the exposition, where Queen Victoria confirms that she's responsible for Ciel's parents' murders. Ciel orders Sebastian to take out Ash and the queen, but their fight endangers the citizens below, so Ciel stops Sebastian. Sebastian is extremely surprised and annoyed by Ciel's reaction. As a result, Sebastian abandons Ciel briefly therefore, Ciel makes his own way back to London.

On the boat ride back, Ciel encounters Undertaker who offers some dog biscuits to a starving Ciel. They both witness London's fire; Ciel orders the captain to dock, but he refuses. In exchange for the lifeboat's usage, Ciel offers his blue diamond ring. When he finally reaches London, Ciel is saved from some falling rubble by Mey-Rin. She apologizes for not defending the mansion, but he tells her to calm down and take him to the others. Seeing that Pluto has lost his sanity, he orders the servants to kill Pluto. Sebastian sees this and is encouraged that Ciel has regained his former self. Ciel then tries to face Queen Victoria alone, but find that she has died. However, the guardsmen mistakenly pin the blame on Ciel and shoot him once in the side. Before they can shoot him again, Sebastian arrives to save him.

Sebastian then slays Ash upon Ciel's request because Ciel blames the queen's death on him. Afterwards, they travel down a river that is playing Ciel's cinematic record and arrive at some peaceful ruins. At the ruins, Ciel announces that Sebastian may have the rest of his soul, but he asks if the experience will be painful. Sebastian tries to assure Ciel that he will be gentle; however, Ciel orders him to make it as painful as possible so that the pain of his life is carved into his soul. Sebastian then prepares Ciel for what is to happen, and the screen fades to darkness. It is assumed that Sebastian consumed Ciel's soul, but Sebastian's last words seem to show otherwise.

Revival at Trancy's Tragedy Arc

An unconscious Ciel is carried in a trunk by Sebastian. He is also targeted by Alois Trancy. After the ring from the New Moon Drop box was attached to his thumb by Sebastian, he is revived. His memories of nearly everything that occurred in the first season, as well as his memories of Madam Red, Angela/Ash, Grell, Aberlain, Lau, and the Queen have disappeared. It is assumed that they were removed when his soul was placed back in his body. Because he is no longer the "Ciel" that Sebastian contracted with, Sebastian cannot consume his soul yet. Sebastian claims he no longer holds the "flavor" he created; Sebastian decides he needs to achieve a new revenge for Ciel; only then will Sebastian be able to take his soul.

The Matters With the Spider Arc

Ciel goes boating with Elizabeth and ends up finding the white deer sculpture after a storm. He then gets a letter from the Queen; she tells him that people are mysteriously disappearing instantly from fires. He proceeds to finish the case with Sebastian. He reveals the culprit (the photographer's wife); he then hears about a golden eyed man and the Queen's spider. The Queen's spiders are employed by the Queen to destroy evidence. This puzzles Ciel even more since he had no knowledge of them before now.

The next case from the Queen is a train incident. Ciel notices someone (which is Claude) drinking tea who Sebastian also stares at. He tries to find out his identity, but Sebastian does not tell him anything. He is then kidnapped by a murderer that was being transported on the train; luckily, Sebastian rescues him. Ciel orders Sebastian to take care of the other two problems on the train (the bomb threat and the supposed "cholera" outbreak) After Sebastian handles both problems with ease, he takes Ciel away.

In the end, Ciel receives a letter from Trancy; Claude gave Sebastian this letter have the train incident. Ciel and his household are invited to a ball at Trancy's Manor.

Trancy and Phantomhive Arc

He wears a pirate costume to attend the costume ball held at Trancy manor. Having lost his memories, he is surprised to see Soma and Agni. He also comments that he is surprised not to see Madame Red, who he thought would never miss such a party.

Later, an unknown blond maid spills wine onto his coat and offers to clean his coat. Ciel follows the maid and the maid comes closer to him, apparently trying to seduce him. As the maid later takes his eye patch, he recognizes the maid as Alois Trancy and tries to run after him. However, he loses sight of Alois in the hallway. He sees Sebastian's shadows in the cellar and decides to follow it. In a forest, he meets Alois and gets an ultimatum. Not one to back down, Ciel orders Sebastian to fight Claude. Ciel waits patiently for Sebastian to return. When he does, Sebastian informs Ciel that everything is settled. Later on Ciel again receives an invitation to the Trancy Manor. There Alois takes Ciel indoors so he can talk with him. Ciel uses Alois's own ego against him when he challenges the older boy to a duel. Alois greatly underestimates his opponent, expecting an easy win. However, Ciel manages to stab Alois in his side, almost killing him. At the last moment, the Trancy butler, Claude, prevents Ciel from doing so by grabbing Ciel's sword.

After this, Ciel believes Alois is dead; however, a series of crimes in which young boys are missing their eyes make him believe otherwise. The locations of the crimes seem to be connected and shaped like a spiderweb. This convinces Ciel that Alois has survived (Sebastian does nothing to correct him).

Later after being captured by Claude, Ciel is tortured using psychotropic water torture. Ciel loses his grip on sanity. Thus, Claude is able to combine both Ciel's and Alois' memories, making the boy believe that Sebastian killed his parents and the village he lived in.

At the Trancy mansion, during a battle between Claude and Sebastian, Hannah puts Ciel to bed. She shows him Alois's eye sitting in her throat. Ciel screams, clutching his head, and collapses. Alois appears to take over Ciel's body.

Ciel's mind is now trapped. Alois controls his body, but he is still able to vaguely acknowledge the events taking place. While trapped, Ciel tries to remember what has actually happened to him, coming to the realization of the existence of Alois' separate memories. The truth becomes clear to him as he remembers that he had achieved his revenge, which was against Queen Victoria & Ash/Angela; therefore Sebastian should have consumed his soul. However, the reason why Sebastian didn't is still unclear to him. Ciel then alters the maze of Alois's heart- which Sebastian & Claude are racing through by answering questions based around Alois. Now, Ciel has changed the questions to be based around himself in order to aid Sebastian. When Sebastian gets the question: "Why did Sebastian Michaelis not eat Ciel Phantomhive's soul?" he explains that it was because he had temporarily lost his arm, which bore the seal of the contract, and Claude took advantage of that moment to steal Ciel's soul.

While still trapped, Ciel struggles to override Alois; however this proves difficult and painful on Alois's behalf. Ciel finally comes to and calls out to Sebastian; he orders him to come and eat his soul at once, rejecting Claude by stating that Sebastian will remain his butler until he has consumed every drop of Ciel's soul. But Alois quickly returns and both he & Hannah go into the clock tower. With no time to spare, both Sebastian and Claude agree to work together in order to retrieve Ciel. However, despite making their way quickly to the clock tower, they find that Alois in Ciel's body has formed a new contract with Hannah. Both their contract marks have combined to form a new one; Hannah states that both souls now belong to her.

Hannah states that both butlers shall battle each other to gain Ciel's soul. Sebastian kills Claude with the demon sword. However, when he tries claiming his prize, Hannah reveals that her true contract with Alois is not to let either butler gain Ciel's soul. She then jumps into the sea revealing to Sebastian that Ciel shall be reborn as a demon. By having Sebastian kill Claude and turning Ciel into a demon, she effectively prevents both butlers from ever acquiring Ciel's soul, which appears to be trapped in limbo. The full depth of Alois's vindictive wish becomes clear: since Sebastian's contract with Ciel is still valid, Sebastian is caught in an eternal curse, forced to obey an immortal demon master's orders forever without ever gaining his reward. Ciel's last order to him as a human was that Sebastian will be his butler until he has entirely consumed Ciel's soul, to which he gladly agreed, but it now seems impossible for Sebastian to ever do so.

They briefly return to Phantomhive manor, where they carry out a black semblance of their former morning routine, with Sebastian serving empty teacups and plates to Ciel, who can no longer taste human food. The tea he pretends to serve is New Moon Drop, which has the fragrance of fathomless darkness. The demonic Ciel appreciatively sniffs it and says it smells nice. Leaving him in the care of the other servants, Sebastian hands out gifts to all individuals in the series who knew Ciel while Ciel prepares to leave the Phantomhive household, much to the servant's sadness. Those gifts are boxes which hold a single piece of candy from the Funtom Corporation and a card stating that Ciel died on August 26th, 1889. Sebastian and Ciel are last seen in a garden of navy blue and white roses. After Sebastian asks him where he'd like to go next, Ciel says: "Where we're going, humans and demons are equal" Sebastian, holding him in his arms, disappears with him from the field of roses.

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