Ciel Soleil

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Ciel Soleil is a minor hero in the animated web series RWBY she is a student from Atlas Academy who was part of a team with Penny Polendina.

She is voiced by Yssa Badiola in the English version, who also voiced Melinda as a child in Nomad of Nowhere, and by Ami Naito in the Japanese version.


Ciel appears as a dark skinned female with navy blue hair, light blue eyes, and a gold symbol on her forehead. Her outfit consists of a blue beret, a white gold and black button up shirt, a blue combat skirt, black fingerless gloves with a silver watch on the left one, and white and gold stockings with black shoes.


Ciel is first seen defeating Russell Thrush and Sky Lark in the doubles round with Penny, earlier while on the fairgrounds Penny, after getting a magnet stuck to her head quickly put on a sun hat to hide it from Ciel who didn't know Penny was an android. Later when Ruby Rose asked if Ciel was a friend of Penny's to which the latter responded saying no, and that she had been ordered to keep Penny out of trouble before informing Penny that they had to go. Ciel along with the rest of the students fight in the Battle of Beacon against Grimm, White Fang troops and Atlesian machines infected with the Black Queen virus, after the battle and Penny's subsequent reconstruction and reassignment as Mantle's protector it is currently unknown what happened to Ciel.

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