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Cindy Campbell is the main character in the Scary Movie film series and is portrayed by Anna Faris. Her name is a parody of Sidney Prescott from the Scream series and her last name of Sidney's actress Neve Campbell's last name. Along with Regina Hall, who plays Brenda Meeks, Faris and Hall are the only cast members who have starred in the first four films. Faris is not in Scary Movie 5 because of her pregnancy.

Scary Movie

she is finds herself among her friends stalked by the Ghostface killer, and is nearly killed by him at her house. She found herself stalked by him throughout the film. At the climax, she is betrayed by her boyfriend Bobby and friend Ray, who begin copying the Ghostface killer and plot to murder her in order to become the last survivors. However both are attacked by the real Ghostface (although Ray survives) and Cindy manages to defeat the killer. She discovers at the end the killer is Doofy Gilmore, the apparent dumb cop brother of her deceased friend. Despite working out he is the killer, Doofy escapes in the end. Whilst Cindy screams in the middle of the street, she is run over by a car.

Scary Movie 2

Cindy is shown to have survived the events of the first film, along with friends Brenda, Shorty and Ray (who is now her friend again) they go to a college in California to get away from the news. In this movie they are invited to an old house apparently for studying insomnia with other college students, however this is a ploy to unfold a series of paranormal events. During the film she falls in love with Buddy, although is skeptical about starting a relationship due to what previously happened to her.

Scary Movie 3

Cindy works as a reporter in and tries to get to the bottom of a mysterious video tape and also crop circles on a farm near Washington D.C. In the film she is raising her nephew Cody after his mother died and falls in love with Tom's brother, George, at the end marries George and adopt Cody.

Shortly after the events of the third film, George was killed when he snapped his neck and Cody left to join the military.

Scary Movie 4

Cindy reunites with Brenda (who again presumably died in the previous film) to get to the bottom of a mysterious boy who keeps appearing to Cindy, whilst trying to survive an alien invasion. At the end she realizes the alien invasion began due to their leader wanting revenge for his son's death (the little boy who appears as a ghost) but Cindy manages to convince him to let go of his vendetta.

Cindy, along with Brenda are absent from Scary Movie 5, making it the only movie these two characters don't appear.