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Cinnamon is a young female Reploid from Mega Man X: Command Mission built personally by Professor Gaudile.


Cinnamon is best described as cute, polite, and is very kind-hearted. She has a tendency to let her curiosity get the better of her and is quite naive, showcased by her encounter with Marino. However her personality could be the result of her being a young Reploid being recently created.

Role in the Story

Cinnamon meets Marino, who was looking to snag the Force-Metal Generator. It was later revealed that Cinnamon was created by Professor Gauldile to safeguard the Force-Metal Generator in an attempt to hide it from the Rebellion Army.

After X destroys Dr. Psyche, Cinnamon willingly joins X's party for the rest of the game, rather than staying with Gauldile, Cinnamon's decision had inspired her creator to join the resistance as well.

Powers and Abilities

Cinnamon holds the Force-Metal Generator inside of her, capable of fusing countless recipes of Force-Metal alloy in order to create an even stronger alloy that can increase the party's statistics and capabilities.

In battle, Cinnamon is a close-combat fighter and her weapon of choice are gloves. Although her attacks are weak compared to the other playable characters, she does make up for it in have defensive capabilities, such as being able to resist elemental attacks and has a very high erosion capacity.

Her Hyper Mode is the Iron Maiden, which turns her from a nurse to a dark maid - which in this state her abilities are boosted, giving her a viable offense as well. Her Action Trigger is the Angelic Aid, which allows her to heal the entire party, which proves effectively useful especially if the player doesn't want to use up any Sub-Tanks or healing items.



  • Cinnamon hairstyle resemble phoenix wings.
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