Circus bugs?! How can you be circus bugs?!
~ Flik, finding out that the warrior bugs aren't who he thought they were

The Circus Bugs are a group of bugs who are trained to be circus performers, but mistaken as warrior bugs by Flik in the film A Bug's Life. Flik first sees them in the city doing a Robin Hood act, believing them to be warriors, and then convinces them to come to Ant Island to help him with his "bug problem."


Princess Atta: "You mean you're not warriors?"
P.T. Flea: "Are you kidding? These guys are the lousiest circus bugs you've ever seen, and they're gonna make me rich!"
~ Princess Atta, shocked to learn the truth about the Circus Bugs from P.T. Flea
The circus bugs consist of:
  • P.T. Flea: Ringmaster
  • Francis: Clown
  • Slim: Clown
  • Heimlich: Clown
  • Dim: "Lion/Ferocious Beast"
  • Rosie: "Lion-Tamer"
  • Tuck and Roll: "Human" cannonballs
  • Manny: Magician
  • Gypsy: Manny's Lovely Assistant
  • Molt ("Tiny"): Strongman
  • Ants (about 8): Acrobats
  • Fireflies: Lighting, Snacks, Setup
  • Spider: Musician


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