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The Circus Troupe in TimeSplitters 2 makes several appearances in side-missions.

Though not the main heroes of the story, they are the heroes of several side-plots in the games.


  • Ringmistress - The mysterious matriarch of the circus family, the Ringmistress is fiercely protective of her eldritch troupe. She wears a top hat, a red jacket, fishnet stockings, and blonde hair tied in a ponytail.
  • Lola Varuska - A Ukranian trapeze artist. Despite the strictures of her corset, Lola still manages a dazzling smile. All the gentlemen love her, and she has never missed a catch.
  • Bear - Bear was rescued from an animal trap by Lola Varuska, and will fight to the death to protect the circus, to which he is fanatically loyal. He's had his fez ever since he was a cub, which he still wears along with his red waistcoat.
  • Mr. Giggles - This strange humanoid male stumbled into a small English village when he was just a boy. Although he was adopted by a loving family, he was never truly happy until he ate them and joined the circus. He wears a schoolboy uniform similar to Angus Young.
  • Mischief - Mischief's happy smile and childlike manner hide her true nature; a psychotic killer with a love of death. The last person who twanged her braces ended up chopped to pieces in the taffy-pulling machine. She wears a yellow shirt, lilac shorts with braces (suspenders), white gloves, a flower on her chest, and clown make-up, and has red hair.
  • Stumpy - Stumpy is the adopted son of Sergio the Magnificent. The strongman despairs of Stumpy's errant nature and malicious pranks, but hopes in his heart that Stumpy will grow up to be a bit taller one day. Stumpy wears a large purple hat, a furry lilac coat, brown gloves, clown shoes, and a red clown nose, with lots of clown make-up.
  • Sergio - Stumpy's adoptive father, Sergio the Magnificent, is the circus strongman. His incredible strength is tempered with a compassionate personality and love of life. He likes to tend his herb garden and collect first editions. He wears a leopard-print loincloth.
  • Nikki & Jinki - Twins from a tiny Oriental village, Nikki and Jinki were sold to the Ringmistress when they were both babes in arms. Strangely, each claims to be the elder sister. They seem to be mutants of some kind, as each other's face appears on the back of their heads, with Jinki's face especially monstrous in appearance. Moreover, their arms seem to resemble tentacles. They both have long brown hair, and wear the same clothing.
  • Kypriss - As a baby, Kypriss was found in a burlap sack at the bottom of a well. This mysterious lady is a bald-headed, blue-skinned, six-armed humanoid, similar in appearance to the Hindu goddess of death, Kali. Despite many offers of money and power, she has never raised all of her arms at once on a public stage, due to her inability to find a shirt that has six arm-holes.
  • Leo Krupps - A deranged man in a lion suit, Leo was once the circus lion tamer. Over the years, he adopted more and more of his lions' characteristics, until one morning, he was found alone in the lions' cage, roaring and dribbling. He has lived as a lion ever since. He is still capable of speaking English, though.


  • Before the events of the Challenge "Monkey Mayhem", some evil circus clowns have enslaved the performing monkeys and forced them to carry their watermelons around. You control Ringmistress as she uses a vintage sniper rifle to shoot the melons off the monkeys' backs, setting them free.
  • In the Challenge "Sergio's Last Stand", Sergio performs an act on the main entertainment floor of the circus, where he uses a shotgun to defend himself against endless waves of zombies that have been set on fire.
  • Sergio appears in the Honorary League match "Rocket Man", where he uses rocket launchers on a snowy street in order to impress attractive ladies by beating them in a rocket-based tournament.
  • Before the events of the Elite League match "Big Top Blowout", Stumpy had hammered a tent peg up Mr. Giggles' nose as part of the previous night's show. Since that event, there had been wide unrest around the circus as of late, as Mischief had opened a box of homing launchers, allowing the circus' inhabitants to have a free-for-all manhunt. In "Big Top Blowout", you control Ringmistress, facing off against everyone else (except Lola, as she is abscent).
  • In the Elite League match "They're Not Pets", Mr. Giggles and Stumpy had ordered some baby aliens from the internet. However, once they'd arrived, they bit Bear's nose and ripped off Lola's costume. Annoyed, the Ringmistress ordered Mr. Giggles and Stumpy to get rid of the aliens. When the match starts, you play as Mr. Giggles on the red team with Stumpy, fighting against eight aliens on the yellow team, and a very angry Bear on blue team.
  • Nikki and Jinki appear in the Elite League match "Nikki Jinki Bricky", where Nikki - teamed up with Jinki - kills zombies in the Chinese restaurant map with nothing but bricks.
  • As a bonus, Mischief is the protagonist of the Challenge "Brass Monkeys" in TimeSplitters Future Perfect, where she has a curling match on a frozen lake, but using monkeys.


  • Bear, Mr. Giggles, Mischief, Stumpy, Kypriss, and Leo appear in TimeSplitters Future Perfect. Ringmistress, Lola, Nikki, Jinki, and Sergio do not.
  • They may be likened to the Circus Bugs from A Bug's Life.
    • P.T. Flea - Ringmistress
    • Slim - Mr. Giggles
    • Francis - Stumpy
    • Heimlich - Bear
    • Manny - Sergio
    • Gypsy - Kypriss & Lola Varuska
    • Rosie - Mischief
    • Dim - Leo Krupps
    • Tuck & Roll - Nikki & Jinki