Cisco Ramon is one of the main protagonists in The Flash. He is one of the mechanical engineers in S.T.A.R. Labs and a scientific consultant of Central City Police Department who helps the police with metahuman cases.

He is portrayed by Carlos Valdes.


Cisco was an outsider in his family, since he had rivalries with his brother Dante. After graduating, he got a job as a mechanical engineer in S.T.A.R. Labs where he befriended Caitlin Snow and Ronnie Raymond and obtained a father-like figure on Eobard Thawne posing as Harrison Wells. 

After the S.T.A.R. Labs particle accelerator was switched on, it worked for a few minutes before it began to malfunction. It turned ordinary people into a metahumans and Barry Allen, a forensic doctor, was one of them. Barry was in a coma for nine months and Joe West who was Barry's foster father moved him from Star Labs. When Barry woke up, he found out he has superspeed. Both became good friends and worked together to combat criminals, metahuman and otherwise, in Central City and other places if possible. 


Cisco is kind, caring, intelligent, and a laid-back young man, who often at first glance seems unable to take things seriously. However, he has often proven to be surprisingly focused when it comes to helping Barry fight against crime. It's apparent that Cisco is a nerd in many of the conventional ways. He has a clear love of comics, sci-fi and pop culture, and is very excited to see such concepts made real for him, such as witnessing super-powers from assorted meta-humans, in particular Barry and his super-speed. His love of comic characters has driven Cisco to often come up with names for Barry's assorted Rogue Gallery, such as Captain Cold. Cisco has great pride about his tech to the point of being extremely protective of it, such as becoming angry when Barry told him that his Flash suit was destroyed by Bette Sans Souci. Cisco is also a very careful planner as he invented a weapon specifically meant for taking down Barry in the event he turned into a corrupt meta-human.


  • Vibe Glasses: Cisco wears special glasses which can help him see into other universes and into the future. They first harnessed his brain waves to allow him to have clearer visions in the form of dreams. They are similar to Earth Two Cisco's glasses, but they glowed green lights at the lenses instead of blue. By calibrating the glasses to the electromagnetic frequency of the dimensional plane they are located on, Cisco's powers are increased.
  • Vibe suit: Sometime after Barry restored the timeline he saw Cisco making Gauntlets who mentioned they were the Gauntlets for 'his suit', so far the suit consists of Cisco's ordinary clothing, the Gauntlets and the Vibe Glasses. He used the suit to help Barry fight Edward Clariss. The suit remains uncompleted right now and it's unknown when he will complete it.


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