Francisco Baracus "Cisco" Ramon is a one of the tritagonists in the CW's 2014 series The Flash. Cisco, nicknamed Vibe by Barry Allen, is a former meta-human and a mechanical engineering genius at S.T.A.R. Labs, also formerly serving as the prison guard to their makeshift prison. He came from a Puerto Rican family and provides much-needed comic relief around his stiff workplace. Cisco is also a founding member of Team Flash. He was also friends with Harrison Wells before learning his true identity as Eobard Thawne.

He is portrayed by Carlos Valdes.


Cisco is a mechanical engineering genius who aids the Flash. He first appears in an episode of Arrow set before Barry wakes up from his coma. By the second season, he has developed metahuman powers and adopted the nickname Vibe.




  • Cisco has a penchant for giving the villains of the Flash and Green Arrow monikers that fit their attributes, personalities or powers. However, he claims to dislike codenames that incorporate colors such as "Green Arrow". He is also shown to dislike self-given nicknames such as "Speedy" and "the Anti-Monitor", claiming the sound of the latter made him want to "barf" and groaning every time he had to say it.
    • Despite his dislike of nicknames including colors, he gave Lisa Snart the name Golden Glider, which includes a color.
    • Cisco also insists on being the only person to assign villains nicknames and can sometimes view it as a challenge when another tries to do the same (such as Harry Wells) but never fails to give credit where credit is due (such as when he embraced Martin Stein for nicknaming Al Rothstein "Atom Smasher" and admitted that Hartley Rathaway's self-given nickname of "Pied Piper" wasn't bad).
  • Cisco is right-handed.
  • Cisco appeared to have considered himself Barry's best friend and it is reciprocated, although Barry also considers Iris West his best friend.
  • Cisco has appeared in every series within the Arrowverse at least once, except for Batwoman and the retroactively added Constantine, CBS' The Flash, and Black Lightning.
    • The only characters to appear in every series at least once, except for the retroactively added series, are Barry and Oliver.
  • Cisco is a pop culture addict and he likes to drop references all the time. In "Crisis on Earth-X, Part 4", he mentions that it helps in stressful situations.
  • Barry and Cisco have watched Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan together multiple times. In the end, Cisco always says to Barry, "I have been and always shall be your friend."
  • Cisco is a big fan of The Princess Bride.
  • Apparently Cisco Ramon doesn't exist on Earth-38. However, as shown by Jay Garrick being Henry Allen from Earth-3, the same versions of people do not necessarily have the same name.
  • While vibration powers are said to let him retain memories of all time alterations, there have been alterations that Cisco never seemed to regain his memories. He still seemed to forget Vandal Savage destroying the city and everyone in it; possibly because Savage was "killed" soon afterward the second time, no longer acting as a trigger for Cisco. He also seemed to never remember Flashpoint, possibly because the events started in a timeline that he never gained his powers.
    • In "Untouchable", it was said that Cisco can't vibe alternate timelines at all, but he is able to vibe Earths identical to Earth-1 where the timeline hasn't changed. It is possible that he did this when he retained the memories of the Reverse-Flash killing him and later when he repeatedly vibed his date with Kamilla after Nora reversed time over and over again to keep Cicada from killing anyone on Team Flash.
    • Alternatively, Cisco may have retained his memory of the 'original' timeline after Barry first changed history simply because of the personally traumatic nature of the original timeline, where other timeline changes had a more distant impact on Cisco.
  • Cisco is 5'7".
  • Cisco considers Bulbasaur to be the cutest Pokémon of all.
  • Cisco is a fan of the movie Inception.
  • Cisco has had four love interests in the series: Lisa Snart, Kendra Saunders, Gypsy, and Kamilla Hwang. He also expressed attractions towards Bette Sans Souci, Shawna Baez, Thea Queen, and Eliza Harmon.
  • Cisco uses a Moroccan conditioner with a pinch of lime juice to keep his hair shiny, which he considers being one of his greatest secrets.
  • Cisco received his middle name, Baracus, from the character Sergeant Bosco Albert "B. A." (Bad Attitude) Baracus who was played by Mr. T in the show The A-Team, which his mother was a fan of.


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