If I can protect someone with a real body I'm willing to...
~ Claire Crystal

Claire (クレア Kurea), is a major character in the Leijiverse, as well as one of the two tritagonists of Galaxy Express 999 film adaptation and the titular protagonist of Galaxy Express 999: Claire of Glass. She was a waitress for the Galaxy Express train in hopes to earn enough money to buy her body back that is held on Pluto.

She was voiced by Yōko Asagami in the Japanese version and Janyse Jaud in the English version of the film and Chiyoko Kawashima in the television series.


Her original appearance is unknown. In her mechanized body, she appears as a light blue transparent made of clear crystal glass.


She is calm and collected person, and quickly becomes friends with Tetsuro shown both in the manga, films and TV series.


Early life

Most of Claire's past remains unknown, but at some point, she became a machine. However, unlike the ones who gave up their humanity, Claire's vain mother forced her to become a machine against her own will. Later, she becomes a waitress and works on the 999 train to save up enough money to buy back her human body, which is stored on Pluto.

Current Events

In the television series, when she detonates her power cell, Claire sacrifice herself to save Tetsuro and destroy the physical hallucination that was trying to pull Tetsuro off the train and protecting him from Queen Promethium in the film. Claire is later revived and seen again in Eternal Fantasy, having been mysteriously reassembled out of the scattered shards of glass to which she had been reduced while saving Tetsuro.



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