Claire Brown is a secondary protagonist in the movie Aquamarine.

Her personality

Claire is shy and reserved. Claire is also a girly person as she claims to be an expert on boys.

Her story

One night, after a violent storm, her best friend, Hailey Rogers, wishes for a miracle that will make her mother change her mind about moving, and so they find a mermaid named Aquamarine (Sara Paxton) in the swimming pool of her grandparents beach club.

The mermaid tells the girls that she needs to prove to her father that love does exists for 3 days or she'll be married with a merman who she hates. She promised that if they helped the fish out, then they would get a wish.

Feeling like this was their last hope, they introduced the mermaid to Raymond, so Aquamarine could possibly fall in love with him. The first time Aquamarine and Raymond meet, she asks him if he loves her which he say no and told her that she was hot.

The three decide to make Raymond fall in love with Aquamarine in the next three days. They use strategies found in teenage magazine. So, Aquamarine, Claire and Hailey proceed to stalk Raymond around town. At a street fair, Raymond gives Aquamarine an inflatable shark, and buys her cotton candy.

He mentions wanting to see her at a party the next night and she runs away, fearing the sunset that causes her legs to transform back into a tail. Claire and Hailey show Aquamarine a water tower for her to spend the night in and promise to visit her the next day.

In the morning, the three take a bus to Tampa for a classic shopping montage to obtain clothing for the party.

After three days are up, Raymond still has not fallen in love with Aquamarine, and her father calls her back home in a giant storm.

Hailey and Claire swim after Aquamarine after she tries to defy her father again and they discover the meaning of platonic love. Aquamarine's father is satisfied and the girls receive their wish.

They decide to not use it to keep Hailey from moving away and instead they part ways with Aquamarine, with promises that they will remain friends despite their distance from each other.


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