Clam is one of the fictional characters and tritagonist from Camp Lazlo. He is a short, yellow rhino, who doesn't speak much. He says at least 1-3 words (examples: "Protest", "Raging Carnivore",etc.). He's the smallest camper, and though seemingly dumb, Clam is actually an academic and musical genius and is commonly misunderstood. He is voiced by Carlos Alazraqui in the original American English dub, the same person who voiced Lazlo, Rocko, Winslow Lube from CatDog and Chef McMuesli.


Clam is a small, quirky albino male rhino who is part of the Jelly Cabin trio. He has a low voice and speaks in short bursts of three or four words, repeating the last and final words of others say.

Though seemingly unintelligent, Clam is actually a musical, artistic and academic genius. He once painted a portrait that looked identical to Leonardo da Vinci's Mona Lisa. From an empty soda bottle, he coaxed a symphonic version of Beethoven's Ninth, complete with supporting chorus. His wide variety of knowledge is also hinted elsewhere, such as a knowledge of French. Clam also shows mechanical genius, having created a bicycle out of wood and turning a hairdryer into a remote-controlled airplane. When Samson created a secret stash of candy, Clam's trade offer was an abacus. Despite all this, he has modest dreams of one day being a professional bathroom attendant.

Despite his short size, Clam also has immense strength. One note of clams immense strength is on the episode "Were's Clam" Lazlo and Raj looks for him were he practice tossing a giant boulder(but later breaks it). While collecting firewood, we see him carrying an enormous tree trunk, and carrying the Jellies on his shoulders. Clam's razor-sharp horns have been used for opening cans and cutting through or into thing.

Of the three Jellies, Clam tends to serve as a balance between Raj's over-cautiousness and Lazlo's love of thrill seeking, though he generally prefers to ally with Lazlo. This is best exemplified when the first time all three meet, Lazlo suggested that their cabin name should be "Jelly Cabin"; while Raj voted against it, Clam was in full support of the name. A rare disagreement occurs when both Clam and Raj refuse to be drawn in to Lazlo's rose-colored world, choosing to not accompany Lazlo when he goes on Edward's lake tour. This disagreement was due to the fact that the Jellies were attempting to start a tour business, which Edward typically out-did; Raj and Clam were offended that Lazlo was so quick to give up on the idea. His full name maybe Clamus, as hinted in episode title Prodigious Clamus and Lazlo has called him this only once. Clam like gooseberries, and has an eerie talent for making his voice sound exactly like Edward Platypus. Shrimp cocktail is his favorite food. He didn't appear in the episode"Space Mates". He is voiced by Carlos Alazraqui.


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