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Maggi is so yummy!
~ Claris' catchphrase
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Claris the Chicken is the spokeschicken for Nestlé's Maggi dishes. Representing an yellow Orpington chicken, a type of chicken which is native to England. He was designed by "Ellipse Programmé".


Claris is an obese, yellow Orpington chicken with a red crest, golden beak and legs.


Claris the Chicken is jolly, cheerful, friendly and dreams of becoming an athlete. He likes playing with friends, sports and dancing.


Claris the Chicken originally appeared in October 10, 2004, designed by the creator of 2000 French-German cartoon "Les marchiens" Tony Barnes and voiced by British actor Rowan Atkinson, using an European accent. Atkinson created Claris' characteristic deep voice and the catchphrase "Maggi is so yummy!", which made Claris easily recognizable.

The popularity of Claris the Chicken continued: regularly published souvenirs, news. In December 2004, was released Claris the Chicken plush toy. It did not go into mass production, but was available as a prize at events.

In August 13, 2005, Nestlé S. A. was planned with Gaumont Animation to create an animated cartoon with Claris the Chicken for release in France.


  • In some commercials, Claris says his catchphrase "Maggi is so yummy!".
  • Claris is voiced by Rowan Atkinson, who provided the voices of Zazu from the TLK franchise and Mr. Bean from Mr. Bean: The Animated Series.