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I bear it, so they don't have to.
~ Clarke Griffin.
Sanctum is free! There are no kings or queens or Primes here. We have no use for a palace. We are the last of the human race, and we've all made mistakes. Tomorrow, Russell Prime dies for his.
~ Clarke to the group in season seven.

Clarke Griffin (born October 2131) is the protagonist of The CW show, The 100.

She is portrayed by Eliza Taylor, and Ella Pitkin as a child.


Clarke was part of the 100, a group of juvenile delinquents from the Ark who were sent to Earth. Prior to being locked up, Clarke was a medical apprentice and used those skills to serve as the medic on the ground.


Early life

Clarke Griffin was born in October 2131, and is the daughter of chief engineer Jake and Dr. Abigail "Abby" Griffin. Clarke and her family were very close with Thelonious Jaha, and she befriended Thelonious' son, Wells. She would follow in her mother's footsteps of being a doctor, becoming a medical apprentice student.

One day, Clarke overheard her father stating the Ark has a flaw with the oxygen, and she confronted him on the situation. She insisted that she would help her father, but he refused, and he was arrested for treason. Clarke spoke to her father one last time before his death, and is later arrested for treason, being sent to solitary confinement in juvenile lockup.

The 100

After several deaths on the ground, Clarke become a co-leader alongside Bellamy Blake. While in charge, she tried to negotiate a peace treaty with Anya and helped lead the defense against the army of Grounders attacking their camp.

After successfully defending the camp, Clarke and 47 other delinquents were taken by the Mountain Men. She escaped Mount Weather and found her way to Camp Jaha, the new settlement setup by The Ark.

Clarke helped create an alliance with the Grounder Coalition, led by the Commander Lexa, to fight the Mountain Men. However, the Grounders broke the alliance, forcing Clarke and Bellamy to irradiate Mount Weather. Unable to come to terms with what they did, Clarke sets off on her own.

Among the Grounders, Clarke's reputation spread, and was now referred to as Wanheda, the Commander of Death. Three months later, she was captured and brought to Polis, where she become the Skaikru's Ambassador. After the death of Lexa, Ontari become the Commander by ruse. Clarke escaped Polis, and began looking for Luna with several others.

They found Luna's clan, but she refuses to become the Commander. Meanwhile, A.L.I.E. has taken over Arkadia and Polis. To stop A.L.I.E., Clarke entered the City of Light and pulled A.L.I.E.'s kill switch, but not before learning that the nuclear power plants were melting down.

Following A.L.I.E's defeat, Clarke warned everyone about the impending nuclear apocalypse, as she began to prepare for the survival of the human race. On Becca's Island, Clarke and company tried to create a Nightblood serums which was revealed to give immunity to radiation.

In order to test for the serum's success, they perform trials on subjects by exposing them to radiation, but when Emori was forced to be a subject, Clarke injected herself with Nightblood to carry out the experiment personally. Unwilling to risk her daughter's safety, Abby destroys the testing device and the Nightblood experiments are abandoned.

After escaping to the Second Dawn Bunker, Clarke and others leave to bring back Raven from the island, but end up running out of time. Their group decided to use a rocket to go to back to the Ark Ring in space. Clarke is forced to remain behind, suffering from radiation poisoning, in order to power up the Ark from the ground. Retreating into Becca's lab, Clarke is able to survive the direct effects of the death wave. Due to her Nightblood, Clarke recovers from the radiation poisoning and is able to survive on the barren wasteland that is left of Earth.

For six years, Clarke walks the ruins of Earth, with another young Nightblood named Madi whom she adopts. The two settle in Shallow Valley, the only surviving intact land left on the planet. However, Clarke loses contact with both the group on the Ark and the Second Dawn Bunker. Six years after the death wave, a spaceship arrives carrying the Eligius Prisoners, the "worst of the worst" from pre-Apocalypse Earth who had mutinied against the ship's crew and survived in cryo over the long journey back. Clarke is reunited with her friends, but Octavia has become the tyrannical Blodreina and engages in a war with the prisoners for control of the valley.

In an effort to overthrow Octavia, Bellamy and several others plot to make Madi the new Commander, leading Clarke to take on a more antagonistic role as she attempts to protect her daughter at any cost, going so far as to betray everyone else in order to keep Madi safe in Shallow Valley despite Paxton McCreary planning to kill everyone else. Communicating through the Flame, Lexa's consciousness shows Madi her betrayal of Clarke outside of Mount Weather and passes along the message that it was her biggest regret and begs Clarke not to make the same mistake. Clarke chooses to do the right thing, rescuing Echo and sending her and Madi to save the others while Clarke remains behind in order to stop McCreary. Clarke manages to kill McCreary, but not before he bombs Shallow Valley from orbit, destroying it and rendering the Earth completely uninhabitable.

The survivors of the war retreat to the Eligius IV prison ship in orbit where it's determined that it will take at least ten years for the valley to come back. In order to survive, they enter cryo whereupon Clarke and Bellamy are awakened 125 years later by Monty and Harper's son Jordan Green. Jordan shows the two a series of videos by their friends revealing that the valley had never come back and Monty's belief that the Earth is going to forever remain uninhabitable. As a result, before dying of old age, Monty has directed the ship on a 75 year long journey to an inhabitable world. As Clarke and Bellamy observe their new homeworld, they dedicate themselves to fulfilling Monty's last request to do better and to be the good guys.

Traveling to the surface of what turns out to be Sanctum, a habitable moon, Clarke and her friends fall under the influence of the psychosis-inducing Red Sun Eclipse. Afterwards, they meet the human inhabitants of Sanctum, settled by the pre-Apocalypse Eligius III colony mission and Clarke attempts to make amends with her friends for her past mistakes. After discovering that Clarke is a Nightblood, Sanctum's leaders, Russell and Simone Lightbourne mind wipe Clarke in order to resurrect their deceased daughter Josephine Lightbourne in her body. Clarke is apparently killed in the process as with all of the hosts of the Primes and is impersonated by Josephine. After learning of Clarke's death, her devastated friends choose to use it to make a deal with Russell in order to achieve peace.

A few days after her apparent death, Clarke is revealed to have actually survived, but she is left trapped inside of her own head. Clarke discovers that she was shielded by a fragment of A.L.I.E. that still exists inside of her head and battles with Josephine for control over their shared body which begins to deteriorate from the strain of containing two minds at the same time. With the help of a manifestation of Monty, Clarke manages to signal her survival to Bellamy who abducts Josephine in an effort to get her removed from Clarke's head. In danger from the Children of Gabriel, Josephine relinquishes control of their shared body to Clarke who seeks out Gabriel Santiago to remove Josephine safely, intending to return Josephine to her father in exchange for peace. Clarke and Josephine are forced to work together in order to survive, but Gabriel fails to remove Josephine who manages to hang on inside of Clarke's body. Close to death and with no other choice, Clarke kills Josephine inside of her head, destroying Josephine's consciousness for good.

With her friends and family in grave danger, Clarke works with Gabriel and his followers to overthrow the tyrannical Primes, posing as Josephine in order to infiltrate their ranks. Abby is killed by Russell in order to resurrect Simone while Madi becomes possessed by the consciousness of Sheidheda the Dark Commander through the Flame. Close to her breaking point from everything that she has suffered, Clarke blows all of the Primes except for Russell into space and threatens to commit suicide in order to get through to Madi. Raven is forced to destroy the Flame in order to save Madi, but Sheidheda manages to escape.

In the aftermath, Clarke attempts to maintain peace between the various factions on Sanctum while coping with her losses. After being taunted by Russell in an attempt to get her to kill him, Clarke knocks the deposed Prime unconscious and inadvertently facilitates the resurrection of Sheidheda in his body. Shortly thereafter, following the disappearances of Bellamy, Octavia, Gabriel and Echo, a new faction arrives on Sanctum, the Disciples, who demand Clarke's help in starting the Last War, as they believe her to be the key to it. Raven is able to take out the Disciples using one of their own suits and Clarke leads Raven, Miller, Niylah and Jordan on a mission through the mysterious Anomaly to find and rescue their missing friends while leaving Gaia behind to protect Madi. Unknown to the group, Gaia is abducted by a surviving Disciple once they are gone and the rest of Sanctum doesn't get the warning about the Disciples' threat. Gaia vanishes with both groups thinking that she is with the other.

Following a misadventure on the ice planet of Nakara, Clarke's group finally arrives on the Disciple homeworld of Bardo where Gabriel reveals that Bellamy is dead. A devastated Clarke is then confronted by Bill Cadogan, the Disciples leader whom she recognizes as the leader of the Second Dawn cult that had built the bunker on Earth. After learning that the Key the Disciples seek is the Flame, Clarke pretends that she still has it in her head, a misconception that the Disciples have from seeing Octavia's memory of Clarke using the Flame to destroy A.L.I.E. Initial efforts by Clarke's group are derailed by Echo and Hope Diyoza's efforts to commit genocide upon the Disciples, leading to the deaths of Charmaine Diyoza and the high-ranking Disciple Anders. However, Jordan discovers that the Disciples are mistaken about their belief that they are facing a Last War in order to reach Transcendence, but rather a test.

Shortly thereafter, Bellamy returns, having actually been trapped for over two months on the planet of Etherea. Now brainwashed into the Disciple cause, Bellamy betrays his friends and reveals the Flame's destruction, negating Clarke's leverage over the Disciples. With Cadogan seeking the Flame in an effort to repair it, Clarke agrees to lead him to it in exchange for the release of her friends. However, Cadogan releases all but Raven and Gabriel upon an unknown world in order to have leverage over Clarke. Returning to Sanctum, Clarke is shocked to find the aftermath of Sheidheda's brutal takeover. With another Red Sun Eclipse striking, Clarke retrieves the Flame which Gabriel is able to repair using Eligius technology. However, at the last minute, Gabriel changes his mind and destroys the Flame instead. Clarke forces Cadogan to lead them to their friends, but Sheidheda points Bellamy to Madi's sketchbook containing proof that Madi has the memories of the Commanders in her head. Unable to talk her best friend down, Clarke reluctantly kills him, but is forced to leave the sketchbook behind anyway.

Returned to Earth which has regenerated from the death wave and at the breaking point following all of her losses, Clarke destroys the group's ability to leave and decides to settle full-time on Earth which leaves the others angered as they want to save the people still stuck on Sanctum, particularly as Earth is a far safer home for everybody. While Echo and Octavia forgive Clarke for killing Bellamy, Madi is left angered by her actions. Shortly thereafter, Sheiheda, having revealed that Madi has the Commanders' memories to Cadogan, invades the Second Dawn Bunker, killing Gabriel before being forced to flee by Indra and Gaia. Unwilling to risk the lives of anyone else, Madi uses Disciple technology left behind by the Dark Commander to transport herself to Bardo. Cadogan sends a bomb through moments later and although the blast is contained, it collapses part of the bunker and separates the group.

Using more Disciple technology left behind by Sheidheda, Clarke and Octavia are able to travel back to Bardo with the help of Octavia's Disciple boyfriend Levitt. Releasing the Dark Commander as a distraction, the two women find Madi having suffered a massive stroke from the Disciples' Memory-Capture technology that has left her permanently paralyzed. Before Clarke and Octavia can perform a mercy kill, Levitt discovers that Cadogan has gotten the code that he needs from Becca's memories in Madi's head. Leaving her daughter behind in order to stop Cadogan, Clarke storms her way to the Anomaly Stone room, single-handedly killing a dozen Disciples, only to learn that she is too late.

Following Cadogan into the realm of the being known as the Judge, Clarke murders Cadogan in cold-blood as he begins the test to decide if humanity is worthy of Transcendence or not, but fails to stop the test. Clarke is left to take the test herself with the outcome being either Transcendence or the extinction of humanity. With the Judge taking on the form of Lexa, Clarke is confronted for her actions as she stands as the representative of humanity, defending her actions as necessary and confronting the Judge over her own actions. Based on Clarke, the Judge decides that humanity is not worthy of Transcendence and will be wiped out. Devastated by her failure, Clarke rushes to be at her daughter's side while Raven attempts to change the Judge's mind. After Octavia convinces the Disciples and Wonkru to stop fighting, the Judge relents and humanity Transcends. With Madi fighting Transcendence, Clarke urges her daughter to let go and promises that she will be alright and Madi finally Transcends.

Left alone following the Transcendence of humanity, Clarke travels to Sanctum, only to find it empty except for Picasso, Russell's dog whom she has adopted. Clarke returns to Earth with Picasso, intending to settle on humanity's homeworld. There, Clarke is reunited with the Judge who explains that as Clarke committed murder during the test, she can never Transcend. However, the Judge promises her that Madi is happy and will never age or die and knew that Clarke wouldn't want her to come back with no one her own age to love even if it meant that Clarke would be alone. The Judge then reveals that Clarke won't be alone as Octavia, Raven, Levitt, Murphy, Emori, Echo, Jordan, Hope, Niylah, Indra and Gaia have chosen to return from Transcendence in order to spend the rest of their lives in human form on Earth. The Judge states that the group won't be able to have children or Transcend again when they die, but none of them seem to care. As Clarke is reunited with her friends, the Judge observes that humanity is "a curious species indeed" before vanishing.



  • Like her actress, Clarke is left-handed.
  • Clarke got her name from British science fiction author Arthur C. Clarke
  • In the tv series, Clarke's original surname was originally going to Walters.



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