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Classic Amy Rose is a supporting character that appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog series. She is an anthropomorphic hedgehog alien and Amy Rose's counterpart from another planet, set in the recent past.


Amy resembles her modern counterpart when she was a child. She is an anthropomorphic female hedgehog who has a round head, and pink fur that covers most of her body, and black eyes.


Amy is shown to be a very kind and affable individual. Despite being terrified of Metal Sonic, she expressed sympathy on the robot when he was severely damaged and abandoned. Additionally' Amy is shown to be very benevolent and selfless, as she risked her own welfare to rescue Metal Sonic from a falling tree and dragged him across Angel Island in order to return him to Dr. Eggman.


After the events of Sonic Forces, during winter, Metal Sonic is covered completely in snow. Eventually though, a young Amy Rose emerges from the nearby bushes during a stroll, only for some snow to fall on her head. As she brushes the snow off her head while walking however, she trips over one of Metal Sonic's quills that are protruding from the snow. She takes a look back at Metal Sonic, who turns his head to face her. Amy is initially startled, but after a moment, Metal Sonic puts his face back in the snow. Amy then notices that the palm tree above Metal Sonic is beginning to break, and quickly pushes Metal Sonic away before the palm tree can fall on him. Once Metal Sonic looks at her again however, Amy gets scared and starts wracking Metal Sonic's head with her Piko Piko Hammer. Regardless, Metal Sonic makes no response to the wracking he receives and instead puts his head into the snow. Ceasing her hammering and noticing that something is wrong, Amy decides to pick up Metal Sonic. Once she makes him balance on his leg, a dazed, but angry Flicky pops out of Metal Sonic's torso and kicks him in the head, causing the broken Metal Sonic to fall back down on his back. Feeling sorry for Metal Sonic and noticing the heavy snow, Amy decides that she cannot bring herself to abandon Metal Sonic and intends to return him to Eggman.

Starting her journey, Amy drags Metal Sonic through Mushroom Hill Zone and IceCap Zone before finally arriving at Dr. Eggman's lair. Wandering up to the front door, Amy gets Metal Sonic on his feet and places a red bow on his forehead, something which Metal Sonic takes notice of. Amy then rings on Eggman's doorbell and turns to leave, only to stop as she remembers something. She subsequently places a flower in Metal Sonic's hand for him to hand over to Dr. Eggman, before turning Metal Sonic towards Eggman's front door and hiding behind some rocks.



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