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Claude is one of the heroes from the Samurai Shodown series.

He was voiced by Ryuzo Wakita.


He is a guard of a foreign kingdom and was washed ashore Japan with Suzu ten years before the start of the game. He realized that they might never see their home again and suffer in amnesia. He used the culture of the land and trained himself in a kendo with a respected monk. One night, he was attacked by people from the motherland. Curious, he set out from his residence to investigate.

Claude regained his memories when he faced Golaba. He learned that he was a hero who is often rebelled against villains. After he learned about Golba's plot, he would defeat him. In his finale, he saved Suzuhime and decided to send her to her home in Lesphia.

However, once he saw that the person she loved called to her, he could not let himself speak his own wishes without being noticed. A few years later, he ascends the ranks of his temple as the head priest.


Claude is a devout believer in religion and a serious combatant. He seems torn between his present status in Japan and his past life in Lesphia.


  • Upon deciding to stay in Japan, he takes a similarly sounding japanese name 玄人 (kurouto), meaning "expert". Under this name, he represents his temple on imperial tournament organized by Amori clan.


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