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Claudette Morel is one of the playable survivors in Dead by Daylight. A skilled botanist Claudette is able to use her knowledge to heal herself and other survivors easier.


Claudette always felt alone and felt as though the only people she had were her parents. While other kids would be playing on the playground Claudette would be observing the surrounding nature. For her 8th birthday Claudette received a science kit from her parents she loved experiments and her passion from botany got her an early scholarship it was a hard decision for her to leave home but her scholarship was too good to pass up. Claudette took to chat rooms and forums for social interactions. However one day Claudette took a stroll and got lost in the woods and went missing. She had been taken to the Entity's realm and now using her botany knowledge heals the others trapped there as they attempt to escape from the bloodthirsty servants of the Entity.


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