Clay Sizemore is one of supporting characters of the spin-off manga/anime series, Soul Eater Not!.

He is voiced by Seiichirō Yamashita in the Japanese Version and Bryce Papenbrook in the English Version.


He have blonde hair

He takes the form of a longsword.


Clay is rather laid back, in contrast to the slightly more serious Akane. He is almost always smiling, and seems to be quite confident in his and Akane's skills as a Weapon and Meister, not panicking when fighting, even if the opponent is a Traitor.


It is revealed that they are actually graduates of the EAT class assigned to pose as NOT students in order to secretly protect Princess Anastasia Yngling, who has been attending the NOT class under the alias Anya Hepburn. Akane and Clay appear in the main storyline as members of DWMA's personal Central Intelligence Agency, and participate in the battle on the moon to help defeat Asura and his minions.




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