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Cleo is a character from Dragalia Lost. She is one of Euden's allies and a healer of the Shadow element.

She is voiced by Yumi Uchiyama in the Japanese version, and by Siobhan Williams in the English version.


Cleo is a young sylvan with very long pink hair with blue on the tips of her hair and pink eyes. Her hair tied into big twintails. she wears a blue, black and white dress and white stockings with black shoes. her ears sylvan ears are hidden and she has ear like hair ties with bells.

In her Christmas attire, she wears a red, white and black outfit with a hood. Her hair ear like ties are red and white with Christmas bells with green leaves.her stockings is white with black details.

In her gala attire, she shows off her ears. Her ears has pink with black details. Her outfit is black and white with blue long sleeved dress and she also wears a black and blue cloak.

In her swimsuit attire, she wears a white with pink and blue details. She wears a long purple sarong around her waist. On her hair is a flower crown and two white flowers on both sides of her hair.


Her first skill is Elder cure and her secondary skill is Ancient Aegis which can boost defense to all allies for regular variant.

Her summer variant skills are called Parasol Shot which deals 3 hits and inflicts paralysis to her foes and Tropical Breeze can increase her and her allies strength, critical hit rate and skill damage.

Her Christmas variant skills are called starlit gift which can freeze her foes which can inflict energy increase to her and her allies. This skill can activate skill shift. And her second ability is called Empyrean grace which deals 5 hits to her foes directly ahead.


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