Cleopatra Carter is a character from the cartoon series Tutenstein.

She is a 12 year old African American girl who enjoys Egyptology. After chasing her cat, Luxor, she accidentally brought Tut back to life. She tends to argue with Tut, complaining about his immaturity and selfishness. But it's clear that she'd prefer life with him than without him. Often Cleo is the one who must help Tut set things right. She is very nice, smart, and kind. She always has her pocket computer, letting her gain instant access to facts about Egypt. Her first name references the female pharaoh, Cleopatra, while her last name references Howard Carter, who discovered Tutankhaman's tomb. It is often implied that she might be a descendant of the real Cleopatra. She wants Tut to learn how to be a good pharaoh. Cleo looks like her mom, but she misses her dad very much. Typically, she tries to get Tutenstein to do the right thing but even Cleo has an attitude problem. Her favorite color is pink.


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