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Cleveland Orenthal Brown, Jr., also known as Cleveland Brown, Jr., often just called "Junior" is a character on The Cleveland Show, cartoon and son of the titular protagonist Cleveland Brown. Jr. is a good-hearted socially inept, preteen with a fixation on comics, video games, science-fiction and fantasy, as the show's quintessential "Geek" character and is the best friend of Chris Griffin. Most episodes featuring Jr. are about either Cleveland coming to terms with his son's various embarrassing habits or about Jr. Learning to come down to reality and focusing his priories on "manning-up" or putting his effort into what's real over his normal fantasies.

He was voiced by Kevin Michael Richardson.


Cleveland Brown Jr. Is the only child of Cleveland and Loretta Brown. He was originally a skinny hyperactive child with a short attention span, He hung out with Peter Griffin and was friends with Chris Griffin. He first appeared in the episode "Love Thy Trophy" Where he baited Chris in a booby trap with a sausage. 

After this he made fewer appearances in Family Guy. 

Sometime later on the pilot of The Cleveland Show It is revealed that his character turned a complete 180 from how he was originally portrayed. Now he is 14 years old, obese, has a deep voice, no longer hyperactive and has asthma. After he became a main character on The Cleveland Show many aspects of his new character became more prominent. Once arriving to Stoolbend Cleveland Jr. and his father at first weren't openly accepted by his new family (aside from Donna) with Rallo calling them "fat asses". But as time goes on he becomes accepted.  In the episode "Gone With The Wind" It is revealed his mother Loretta passed away by one of Peter's stunts, Surprisingly Cleveland Jr. shows little emotion as he was in denial and never really close with his mom but it is revealed he cleans alot to cope, which seems to bother Roberta and Rallo but despite this they promise to be there for him.

He has had his fair share of love interests with attractive girls throughout the show which usually surprises his family,  Especially Cleveland. 

As of Season 12 Episode 20 Family Guy episode "He's Bla-ack", Cleveland Jr. along with the rest of the family returned to the show as reoccurring characters. 


Cleveland Jr. is perceived as a calm and easy going individual opposite to his original portrayal on Family Guy who mainly tries to get along with everyone, That is until you cross him he is not above some petty revenge. He also at times desires to fit in with the popular crowd (which usually fails) and he comes to terms with his weird habits in the end. Like Brian Griffin he is a known atheist and in the episode "The Hurricane" no matter what his family does to try to convince him that Jesus his real he refuses to believe otherwise choosing to believe in Science instead. Cleveland is usually disappointed with his son's weird habits like playing with his stuffed toy Larry or attending school on Skip Day but nonetheless loves his son and accepts him for who he is.

Heroic Acts

  • In "The Hurricane", Cleveland Junior saved his father's life during a hurricane. Cleveland had been crushed by a lightning-struck tree, and all his family did to save him was pray. Junior hooked up a system of ropes and pulleys to lift the tree off of him.
  • In "All You Can Eat", Junior dated a girl named Daisy, who mistook him for a lesbian female. As soon as Junior found out Daisy was a lesbian, he was about to tell her the truth, but a trio of "mean girls" came up to Daisy and bullied her for her sexual orientation. Junior continued the act of pretending to be a lesbian and stood up for Daisy. He told off the bullies and made them cry. Later, Daisy wanted to take Junior to the prom, but she said that the school rules forbade same-sex couples. Junior ignored this and went to the prom with her anyway, despite the homophobic rules. Daisy was somewhat pissed, when she found out Junior was actually a dude, but she couldn't stay too mad at him, considering what he did for her. Nevertheless, Daisy spent the rest of the night, dancing with Junior's hot stepsister, Roberta.
  • In "Y Tu Junior Yambien", Junior started dating a Mexican girl named Cecilia Moreno. Unfortunately, her family was a bunch of illegal aliens, and they were called on by Lester Krinklesac, getting them deported. Fortunately, this didn't last long, as Junior eloped with and married Cecilia, green-carding her and everyone related to her, back into the country again.



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