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Cliff is one of the Loud Family pets from the Nickelodeon animated TV Series The Loud House.


Cliff is a full-grown, domestic, short-haired cat with black and blue highlighted fur, whiskers, a large black nose, a zigzagged tail and small ears.


Other Pets


Cliff and Charles get along very well. Even though there's an expression "fighting like cats and dogs", Cliff hardly ever fights with Charles and if they do, Geo and Walt are usually involved.


Even though a lot of cats would try to eat hamsters, Cliff and Geo get along well.


Walt gets along well with Cliff even though cats usually eat birds and Walt is grumpy.

The Loud Family

Lincoln Loud

Lincoln and Cliff love each other a lot.

Lori Loud

Cliff is generally very obedient to Lori.

Leni Loud

Cliff and Leni don't interact much, but they do get along.

Luna Loud

Cliff doesn't have many interactions with Luna but they get along fine.

Luan Loud

Cliff doesn't like Luan's jokes, but other than that their relationship is good.

Lynn Loud Jr.

Lynn and Cliff get along fine, but they don't have many interactions.

Lucy Loud

Lucy likes Cliff a lot despite her generally disliking cutesy things. Despite the association of witches and black cats, Lucy never seems to bring this up with Cliff.

Lana Loud

Lana loves animals and Cliff is no exception.

Lola Loud

Lola and Cliff don't interact much, but they generally get along fine.

Lisa Loud

Even though Lisa tests things on animals and she views attachment to pets as irrational, she does care about Cliff.

Lily Loud

Lily and Cliff get along well.