Clint is a character in the The Maze Runner.

He is the Keeper of the Med-jacks and Thomas, Teresa, Newt, Minho, Gally, and Frypan's best friend and fellow Glader.

Clint is portrayed by Randall D. Cunningham.


The Maze Runner

Clint is present when Thomas arrives in the Glade. When Thomas starts to run, but trips and falls, Clint and the Gladers laugh at this.

When Gally stops Thomas from walking into the Maze, Clint and the Gladers join Gally in stopping Thomas from walking into the Maze.

At night, at the bonfire, Newt introduces Thomas to Clint and Jeff, who he says are the Med-jacks who spend most of their time bandaging up the Slicers. Clint watches on as Thomas and Gally wrestle before Gally knocks Thomas down, causing him to remember his name.

The next day, Ben gets stung by a Griever and attacks Thomas. Clint and the Gladers manage to restrain Ben, see the Griever sting on his stomach, and take him to the Pit.

Later, Clint and the Gladers banish Ben from the Glade.

The next day, Clint watches Thomas run into the Maze to help Minho and Alby, who have gone into the Maze to retrace Ben's steps, when Alby got stung by a Griever.

The next day, Clint is present when Thomas, Minho, and Alby return to the Glade.

In the Council Hall, during the Gathering, Clint is present when Gally suggests that Thomas should be punished for going into the Maze to help Minho and Alby.

Clint is also present when Teresa arrives in the Glade.

Later, Clint and Jeff run into the Map Room and tell Thomas and Minho that Teresa has woken up. Clint, Thomas, Minho, and Jeff run to Chuck, who points up to Teresa, who is on the top of the tower throwing rocks at the Gladers. Thomas stops Teresa. As Thomas goes up to talk to Teresa, Clint and the Gladers leave.

At night, in the medical hut, Alby starts attacking Thomas, but Clint, Newt, and Jeff manage to restrain him, allowing Teresa to inject the serum she had with her when she arrived in the Glade into his chest. Clint, Teresa, Newt, and Jeff watch over Alby while Gally takes Thomas to the Pit.

The next day, when Thomas and Minho return to the Glade, Clint watches Thomas and Gally argue with each other, when Teresa calls out to them and the Gladers and tells them that Alby is awake.

At night, during the Grievers' attack on the Glade, Clint, Thomas, Teresa, Newt, Minho, Frypan, Alby, Chuck, Winston, and Jeff hide in the Council Hall from the Grievers. A Griever attacks the Council Hall, knocking Clint to the floor. Thomas tries to get Clint up, but the Griever grabs Clint, drags him outside, and kills him.

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