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Fare thee well, my friend. You were a faithful and mighty steed.
~ Clive saying a farewell to the R.V.

Clive Gollings is of two deuteragonists of the 2011 sci-fi comedy film Paul. A science fiction writer from England, Clive Gollings and his illustrator friend Graeme Willy arrived in America in order to partake in the events at Comic-Con in San Diego. He and Willy then took a trip to tour the sights of America's famous UFO hotspots. This was where they met Paul and Clive fainted after seeing him. He, later on, was upset at the fact that he blew his chance to introduce himself to an actual alien and that Graeme was off talking to girls as well as buds with Paul before he was at the time. Clive agreed on helping Paul to get home as well as obtaining the Black Vampire Katana he was eyeing at Comic-Con. Clive also fought the big guy with the help of his allies, including Paul and by their goodbyes, allowed him to keep his unfinished novel. 2 Years later, Clive and Graeme became a success at Comic-Con with their new novel named Paul. Along the way, Paul has been shown to have made some jokes about his weight and Clive responded with "It's not fat, it's power".

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