clocker is a protagonist in transformers cybertron

Clocker likes Hot Shot whole bunches of lots. Maybe he, Side Swipe, and Ironhide should form a club. When he's not idolizing Hot Shot, he's spending time learning from or taking care of the ancient mechanoid Brakedown.


While being troubled by Ransack and Crumplezone, Clocker tried to protect the much older Brakedown. He was knocked over but eventually saved by Hot Shot. Space Afterwards he worried about Brakedown's condition until Red Alert provided his medical skills to salve the old racer's wounds. Clocker attempted to invite Hot Shot and Red Alert back to his home in gratitude for rescuing them, but overheard the Autobots saying they were from another planet. Hearing about their search for the Cyber Planet Key, he took them on a little tour of the planet at Brakedown's request. Atop Mount Stargaze, he pointed out the track where the planet's champion racer, Override, liked to hang out. If anyone on Velocitron knew something about a prize like the Cyber Planet Key, he informed them, it would be her. Clocker watched on the sidelines as Hot Shot and the evil Megatron raced with Override for information on the key and its connection to the Planet Cup Override possessed as champion of Speed Planet. Rush He later helped Hot Shot get ready for his race against Override. He announced the race's start and then went to watch it from the sidelines. Speed

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