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Clockwork is a supporting character in the Nickelodeon television series Danny Phantom.  He is the Ghost of Time, who watches and keeps the flow of time. He initially is an antagonist to Danny Phantom. However, Clockwork secretly tests the ghost boy's character.

He was voiced by the late Golden Globe-nominated actor David Carradine who portrays Bill of Kill Bill series.


A ghost with of mysterious origin, Clockwork is the Ghost of Time who watches over the flow of time and makes sure the past, present and future remains balanced. He claims to know every timeline, from every aspect and often changes form in between a child, a young adult and an old man. He debuts in the episode "The Ultimate Enemy", where Clockwork is charged by the Observants to eliminate Danny Phantom in order to prevent a dark future he will create. Instead, Clockwork decides to take manners in his own way and secretly tests the boy's character. After Danny learns of his fate in the future, he eventually defeated Dark Dan in a Fenton Thermos. Before the Nasty Burger explosion can happen, Clockwork prevents it from killing Danny's teacher, family and friends. The Ghost of Time deems that Danny can be given a second chance. Being given Dark Dan, Clockwork was told by the Observants that both Danny and his future self were now the Ghost of Time's responsibility.

Clockwork returns in the episode "The Masters of Time." Danny comes to the Clockwork to save Sam, Tucker and Vlad from a bad case of ecto-acne and asks for his assistance in traveling to the past to prevent Vlad's accident. Clockwork tries convincing Danny that changing the past would not be wise, but the boy insists. Since Danny cannot be convinced otherwise, Clockwork sends him back. However, the teen only manages to create an alternate timeline where Jack got ecto-acne instead, turning him half ghost and Vlad and Maddie end up marrying. Danny returns to Clockwork's tower to try again. However, Clockwork firmly claims that he cannot undo his mistake and instead shows that Vlad, Sam and Tucker must be cured in the present. Conveniently leaving the time portal on the day of the accident, Danny watches scene unfold and spots what went wrong and resolves the way to cure them. As Danny leaves, Clockwork is seen smiling, showing he intended for this to happen.

He later appears in "Phantom Planet," where he helps Danny and the other ghosts turn the Earth intangible to save the Earth and the Ghost Zone from the Disasteroid.


Clockwork is a neutral figure in the Danny Phantom series. He usually never intervenes with other characters' lives, preferring to watch time. However, he will meddle whenever the need calls for it. This is shown when he decides to intervene in Danny's timeline to prevent the dark future in which Dark Danny lives in. Despite the Observants wanting Danny to be destroyed, Clockwork tries to find other ways to stop the dark future from happening on his own terms, which includes secretly testing the teenager. After watching Danny defeating Dark Dan, Clockwork decided to give the boy a second chance. In his later appearance in "The Masters of Time," Clockwork allows Danny to prevent Vlad's accident; however he refuses to let Danny try a second time because he meddled with the timeline. In truth, Clockwork was planning on this due to him smiling as soon as Danny left.


  • Intangibility, Invisibility, and Flight: Clockwork has the standard ghost powers of turning intangible, invisible and flying
  • Chronokinesis: Being the Master of Time, Clockwork is able to control and manipulate time with way he sees fit. According to him in "The Masters of Time," he can reset the timeline to where it was changed, as he reset the timeline where Vlad got ecto-acne to before Danny changed the timeline.
    • Omniscience: Clockwork can see into any point in time, whether it is the past, the present or the future. He can view parallel timelines and infinite possibilities of the future, viewing it as a parade.
      • Clairvoyance: Clockwork views multiple screens at once while overlooking the future.
      • Time Travel: Clockwork can allow himself or anyone else travel to any point in time.
      • Teleportation: Clockwork can teleport anywhere in time.
      • Time Portal Creation: Clockwork can create ghost portals through the use of his screens, sending them to any time and place.
    • Chronolock: Clockwork is able to exist outside of time and space, which means he cannot be affected by his own powers or time powers themselves.
  • Immortality: Since Clockwork is a spirit, Clockwork is an ancient being who is immortal, meaning he never can grow old or die of old age. and illness.
    • Age Shifting: Clockwork changes between a child, an adult and a young man; however, his shift in different ages is passive.
  • Telekinsis: Clockwork has the ability to move an individual or object through the use of his mind. He saved Danny's family and friends this way.
  • Summoning: Clockwork has the ability to summon ghosts throughout the past, present or future. Clockwork called on Skulktech 9.9 and Box Lunch in "The Ultimate Enemy" in order for them to fight Danny to prevent the dark future. During his own fight against Danny, Clockwork duplicated himself or summoned minions of his to fight the ghost boy.


  • Clockwork's Time Medallions: Anyone wearing one of Clockwork's medallions will not be effected by his own power. Claiming to know everything, Clockwork could be anticipating this to happen. However, despite knowing the past present and future, it is implied that he cannot predict how everything will turn out


  • Clockwork is one of the few powerful ghosts who Danny is allies with.
  • Out of all the characters, it is implied that Clockwork is the eldest character in the series, because he is the Master of Time.
  • In his old man form, Clockwork resembles Chronos, a Greek god of time, and the icon, Father Time, who is usually depicted with a long beard and a staff. He may also be a reference to the Grim Reaper, due to having the symbol of him in his tower and Clockwork wielding a scythe during his encounter with Danny.
  • It is possible Clockwork encountered Dark Danny in the past, because the ghost supervillain recognizes the medallions Danny and his friends were wearing and claims that Clockwork was meddling again.
  • Clockwork usually refers to the inner workings of a mechanical clock. This is appropriate, because it reflects on Clockwork's lair and his occupation to watching over infinite timelines


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