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Since I first saw you, I've dreamed of this day. You don't know what it's like living in a box, not being able to see the sky. I just want to be able to run, Hazel.
~ Clover explaining her desire for freedom to Hazel during his attempt to get her off the farm.
The only one at fault tonight was the farmer, Fiver. Hazel was right. There's a terrible evil in the world and it comes from men. All other elil just do what they do to live on the earth to get food. But men will never rest until they've spoiled the earth and destroyed the animals.
~ Clover comforts Fiver, while expressing her mistrust of humans.

Clover is a minor character in the 1972 book Watership Down, it's 1978 film adaptation, a recurring character in it's 1999-2001 TV series and a main character in it's 2018 miniseries. She is a female rabbit who lived in a hutch until she crossed paths with the Watership Down Warren Rabbits who gave her a taste of freedom.

She is voiced by Mary Maddox in the film, Jo Rodriguez in the TV series and Gemma Arterton in the miniseries who also voiced Gretel in Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters and Princess Tamina in Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time.

Book and Film

Clover lives in a hutch in Nuthanger Farm with her mate Laurel and two other rabbits named Boxwood and Haystack. One day, three rabbits named Hazel, Pipkin and Blackberry (who need does for their warren at Watership Down) arrive at the farm and release the rabbits from the hutch, with only Laurel being recaptured.

Clover later becomes the mate of Holly. In the film, unlike the book, Clover, along with the rest of the hutch rabbits, are recaptured back in their cage after they were let out by Hazel, and are never seen again afterwards.

TV Series

In the TV series, only Clover wants to leave the farm, but is somewhat reluctant of this. She leaves with Fiver and Pipkin, but only returns to the warren with Pipkin when Hazel is shot by the farmer.

When Pipkin is annoyed by being the smallest of the rabbits, Clover comforts him by petting him like he is an animal, and saying that he will be big one day.

She appears only three times in season two, only one episode, the Homecoming. She is seen with several kittens after Campion arrives on Watership Down for the first time, but it is unknown if these are hers (or who the father is). One of them says "mother", implying these are her kittens. She is later seen close to Blackavar (in his last appearnce in the series) in the warren, implying that he is her mate (which is proven false at the end of season three when she mates with Hawkbit).

She is last seen in season two helping to dig the rock loose to kill General Woundwort with Blackberry, Hawkbit and several other does.

In season three, Clover becomes a main character, and the love interest of Hawkbit. She is seen in the warren after Woundwort's defeat sleeping with Hawkbit, and running with him until they are interuppted by a former Efrafan slave, and she asks him if he wants to nibble dandelion leaves with her. But he turns her down, and runs off to bite Dandelion's tail, and steals his doe, Heather.

She and Blackberry come across a fresh footprint of Campion (who they think is dead), and Clover tells her that it can't be a fresh footprint, something Pipkin agrees with (only to cover up the truth: Campion is truly alive, but doesn't want Blackberry - or anyone for that matter - to know that he is alive).

In The Beginning of the End, she is seen carrying Flayrah into the warren with Silverweed and Yona, and teasing Hawkbit, who asks her if he wants to be his mate, about a group of voles following him, while rolling a rock to the battle field and helping with setting up the bolders for the bolder-rollers.

At the end of this episode, she finally settles down and (implied) mates with Hawkbit, both of whom think that the next day will be the last day they are alive.

In the final episode of the series, she is seen with Hawkbit, who asks her what she is going to be doing after the war, and she calls him "handsome", implying what happened at the end of the previous episode is true, and that they are a couple now.


Clover appears in the miniseries and instead serves as Hazel's love interest and eventual mate.

In this adaptation, Clover and Haystack are the only hutch rabbits to escape and make it to Watership Down. After Hazel is shot by Mr. Cane, Clover goes to look for him and is successful in finding him in a ditch. She then hears Bigwig calling out for her and goes to meet him, only to be captured by the Wide Patrol and taken to Efrafa where she meets Hyzenthlay, who at first is distrustful of Clover, thinking that she is a spy.

Clover is later summoned to General Woundwort, who attempts to seduce her into becoming his "queen". Shortly thereafter, Bigwig infiltrates Efrafa and gains Hyzenthlay's trust, also allowing Clover to gain her. When Hyzenthlay is ordered to be executed, Clover tries to make a deal with Woundwort by saying that she will be his queen if he spares Hyzenthlay. However, Woundwort refuses, stating that he doesn't make deals. He then tells her that she has to choose on whether to be his queen or languish in the depths of Efrafa.

After a successful revolt, Clover, Bigwig, Hyzenthlay, Blackavar and several other rabbits escape and go to Watership Down.

Clover later takes part in the battle between the Watership Down rabbits and the Efrafans and also confesses her love for Hazel. When Holly dies during the conflict, Clover is one of the rabbits saddened by his death and who then pays homage to the brave rabbit.

A few years later, Clover is last seen in company with Hazel before allowing him to rest, just before he gets carried away by the Black Rabbit of Inlé.


My name's Clover. When I saw you the other day, I knew it wasn't a dream. There are rabbits that live under the sky.
~ Clover meets Hazel.
When you're free, you live underground in fields. You can eat when you want, you can even run about.
~ Clover explains to her friends what freedom looks like.
Clover: No, I won't give up on him. Just like he wouldn't give up on any of us. If we form a search party...
Holly: I want to find out what has become of Hazel as much as anyone, but no one goes out in this fog. It's too dangerous.
Fiver: Holly! I think know where he is.
Clover: Fiver, where is he.
Fiver: He's in some... some sort of a hole, down by the farm.
Clover: That settles it. If no one else wants to come, I'll go on my own.
~ Clover wanting to go looking for Hazel.
Clover: Hazel. I thought I'd lost you.
Hazel: I'm here. I'm here.
Clover: Show me. Okay, let me clean it. This is going to sting, by the way.
Hazel: Do you know... being shot hurts almost exactly as much as I thought it might?
Clover: You don't recommend it? Why do the men have the black branches that shoot, Hazel?
Hazel: They have them for killing, I suppose. I imagine they think there's great skill in destroying things... when in fact it's the easiest thing in the world. So... What's it like being free?
Clover: I feel scared... confused, exhausted. I feel alive. I don't want to be apart from you again.
Hazel: You won't be. From today, we face everything together.
~ Clover to Hazel about the freedom
Clover: My name's Clover. I've heard about this place. There's a doe here called Hyzenthlay. I need to find her.
Hyzenthlay: Why do you smell like fresh straw?
Clover: I was freed from a hutch just two days ago.
Hyzenthlay: A hutch rabbit. That explains why you look so soft... why you look so hopeful.
Clover: What's wrong with being hopeful?
Hyzenthlay: You'll find out soon enough.
~ Clover meets Hyzenthlay.
Clover: Bigwig.
Bigwig: Don't look up. They're watching, and they're already suspicious. I've come to break you out, but it has to be tonight.
Clover: Tonight?
Bigwig: Be ready. Find a reason to get above ground. Tell the others.
Clover: The others won't have anything to do with me. The one in the middle there is Hyzenthlay. If we can convince her, then the others will follow.
Bigwig: Leave it with me.
~ Clover and Bigwig are planning their escape from Efrafa.
Clover: I've come to make a deal.
Woundwort: So you do have a voice.
Clover: I'll consider being your queen, but on one condition. Hyzenthlay must live.
Woundwort: No. You have misunderstood the situation. I am not a rabbit who makes deals! Either you chose to become my queen, or you live out your days in the deep burrows. It matters little to me which.
~ Clover tries to bargain with Woundwort for Hyzenthlay's life.
Hazel: Clover! Is it really you?
Clover: I'm not going to let you out of my sight from now on.
~ Clover reunited with Hazel after the Efrafa's escape.
If I'm to meet the Black Rabbit today, then there's one or two from Efrafa who will come with me.
~ Clover during the invasion of Watership Down by Woundwort and the Efrafans.
But, Hazel...I never told you that...I love you. (Hazel: You didn't have to.)
~ Clover admits her feelins for Hazel during the attack of Watership Down.



  • In the Miniseries, she is the one who finds Hazel after the escape from the farm in place of Fiver. This is also the only adaptation where she is taken to Efrafa.
  • Still in the Miniseries, the scene where Clover tries to negotiate Hyzenthlay's life with Woundwort looks like the moment in the original movie when Hyzenthlay tries to convince Woundwort of the need to form another warren.
  • In the books she is described as sporting black angora fur but none of her cinematic depictions are depicted as such.
  • In the Miniseries, Clover is the second to last person to see Hazel in his lifetime before he passes away.