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Clover Ebi is a major hero in the animated web series RWBY. He is the leader of the Ace Operatives squad and one of General Ironwood's most trusted soldiers.

He is voiced by Christopher Wehkamp who also voiced Shota Aizawa in My Hero Academia and Ren Akatsuki in Fairy Tail.


Clover appears as an adult male with light skin, blue eyes and short brown hair, he wears an Atlesian uniform with a green and silver clover badge on his uniform.


Clover first appears with the rest of his squad arresting Team RWBY and their allies, putting them on a prisoner transport to be taken to Atlas Academy. They are formally introduced to Team RWBY following their meeting with James Ironwood. During the attack on the abandoned dust mine, Clover - along with Qrow Branwen - take the high entrance into the caves as the two explain their semblances to each other. Later, Clover helps the others in defeating the Geist, as well as stopping the dust crystals fused into the Geist's body from hitting the ground. Clover - along with Qrow, Ruby Rose, and Penny Polendina - are delivering parts for the amity communications project when Robyn Hill blocks the truck from passing. However, with help from Penny, they were able to get Robyn to let them through while keeping the project a secret. Clover later attends the Banquet at the Schnee manor, where they discover Arthur rigged Jacques' victory at the election, after which Jacques is arrested for treason. Clover later assists in the evacuation efforts before he, Qrow, and Robyn all confront and arrest Tyrian. Later, as they are on the transport to Atlas, Clover is given orders to arrest Qrow. Clover, Qrow, and Robyn get into a brief scuffle before Tyrian crashes the transport. Out in the tundra, Clover and Qrow begin fighting, with Tyrian joining in. The battle is fierce, with Qrow, Clover, and Tyrian each taking shots at one another, even cooperating with each other in tandem attacks. In the end, Tyrian grabs Harbinger and stabs Clover through the Chest. Qrow attempts to attack Tyrian as he runs away, resulting in the framing of Qrow for Clover's murder. As the sun rises, Qrow and Clover share some final words before Clover bleeds out and dies. As Qrow begins to cry, he lets out a yell of anguish.


Doctor, good to see you. Well, we heard a report of an unauthorized ship making an unauthorized landing, followed by an unauthorized use of weapons by unlicensed Huntsmen.
~ Clover to Pietro arresting Team RWBY and their allies
We just wanted to say we’re sorry. And that we’re looking forward to working with you on our next mission. You might be students, but you’ve been fighting just as hard as we have, if not harder.
~ Clover apologizing to Team RWBY for their arrest
My Semblance is good fortune, lucky you huh?
~ Clover to Qrow about his semblance
Well, Ace-Ops are hand-picked to perfectly compliment one another. So we can focus on our assets and leave our liabilities behind.
~ Clover to Jaune
What good is saving the world without another generation waiting in the wings? Hopefully they’ll leave Remnant better than we left it for them.
~ Clover to Qrow
That’s enough Robyn. As a potential Councilwoman, you should probably focus on the election instead of harassing Huntsmen. Now, it’s time to let us pass.
~ Clover to Robyn
Qrow, you should know that I’ve been asked to bring you in.
~ Clover telling Qrow he's under arrest
Sometimes the right decision is the hardest to make. I trust James with my life! I wanted to trust you.
~ Clover to Qrow shortly before being stabbed
Someone had to take the fall. (Qrow:James will take the fall) (chuckles) Good luck.
~ Clover's last words


  • Clover is mourned the most by Harriet and Qrow. Qrow keeps Clover's pendant, which seems to contain some faint traces of his good luck.



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