“ That was weird. Your life flashed before my eyes „
~ Clyde Mcbride

Clyde McBride is a recurring character in the Loud House. He is the best friend of Lincoln Loud and he has a crush on Lincoln's oldest sister, Lori Loud. He also has same sex parents named Howard and Harold.


Clyde acts as a voice of reason for Lincoln, often providing advice towards any problems he gets into (even if they do not always work). Like Lincoln, he shares an interest in reading Ace Savvy comic books.

It is quite common for Clyde to get badly hurt or suffer other mishaps as a result of helping out Lincoln and/ or his sisters, but he takes it in stride due to how fiercely loyal he is to his friends.

He tends to be very cautious and at times paranoid, largely the result of his overprotective upbringing, and has a noticeable fear of getting in trouble with authority figures (i.e. In one episode, when Lincoln, his group of friends, and his sister Lisa are sent to the principal's office for food- fighting, Clyde can be heard tearfully begging Principal Huggins not to put it on his permanent record).

Clyde and his dads regularly see a therapist named Dr. Lopez, whom Clyde often makes reference to.

Clyde has an intense, obsessive crush on Lincoln's oldest sister, Lori, but whenever sees her or whenever she attempts to talk to him, he spazzes out, causing him to have a nosebleed, behave like a robot, and finally fall unconscious.

He has a one-sided rivalry with Lori's boyfriend Bobby. Clyde noticeably dislikes Bobby due to jealousy over Lori, but Bobby seems to like Clyde pretty well, and may even be oblivious of Clyde's dislike of him.




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