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Coach Bobby Finstock, more commonly called Coach, is a recurring and supporting character in the MTV show, Teen Wolf. He is the eccentric, rude and short-tempered coach of the lacrosse team at Beacon Hills High School as well as the economics teacher. Although he is not often involved in the events of the series, Coach Finstock has helped and even saved the protagonists on several occasions.

He was portrayed by Orny Adams.


Coach Finstock first appears in the pilot episode of the series "Wolf Moon". After motivating the players, Finstock places Scott McCall as goalkeeper. He laughs at all of Scott's failures and falls but ends up shocked when he sees him stop a bullet with his newfound powers. During the parent-teacher meeting, Coach has an appointment with Sheriff Stilinski, Stiles' father. He is shown to be shocked at Stiles' real first name and even says he likes being nicknamed "Cupcake".

In Season 2, Coach informs the students of the disappearance of Lydia Martin and gives an A to whoever finds her. Later in the season, he gives a speech which is actually from the movie "Independence Day" which is Coach's favorite according to Stiles. During the match, Gerard Argent threatens Scott to kill innocent people with the Kanima, including Coach.

In Season 3, Coach gets pranked by the students on his birthday which is also the day before Halloween. He also receives a cup he accidentally breaks which was given to him by the student he hates the most, Greenberg. Coach also falls victim to one of the traps set by the Nogitsune possessing Stiles. After being shot in the stomach, he panics, says he's going to die and Scott takes out his pain with his werewolf powers. One day, he is visited by Brunski and other doctors from Eichen House who are looking for patient Meredith Walker. In view of Brunski's taunting of Coach, it's strongly implied that he bullied him in his past. But Coach gets revenge when he tases Brunski who had found Meredith and tells Scott and his friends to take the girl. At the end of the season, he chats with new high school student, Malia Tate.

In season 4, the Coach is the first victim of the distemper infection, a canine virus that is used to kill all werewolves. In Season 5, the Coach is mostly absent as he is in rehab. He receives a visit from Scott and Stiles who want him to referee a lacrosse game. However, later in the episode, Coach refuses to call off the match because he didn't want to lose to the opposing team.

In Season 6, Coach punishes Liam for standing up to him as he repeatedly fails in practice. He also interrupts a confrontation between Nolan and Liam and the latter lies that they were discussing the position of lacrosse captain. Later in the season, he stops a mob of students beating Liam in order to make him revealing his powers. He yells at all the students to leave the room and helps Liam up with Mason and Corey. In the last episode, Coach saves Jackson and Ethan from a hunter and knocks him out with a lacrosse stick. After which, he quietly leaves the locker room greeting Jackson, saying he is happy to see him again. At the end of the episode, Coach is surprised to see that Liam and Nolan are both captains of the lacrosse team and Liam tells him he's a great coach, which Finstock confirms with a smile.


Coach Finstock is an eccentric, short-tempered, loud and rude man. He constantly yells at his students and mainly mocks Greenberg, a student who has never appeared on screen (it is even assumed that he never existed). But as he tells Scott, he is aware that he yells and insults a lot but he genuinely cares about his students. This is shown in particular with Erica Reyes when he learns that she has epilepsy or with Liam when he is violently beaten up by other students. He even humorously called Scott and Stiles his "sons".

Heroic Acts

  • He saved Meredith Walker from Brunski whom he tasered and Scott and his friends were able to take Meredith with them to find Lydia.
  • He stopped a fight in which Gabe, Nolan and other students were beating Liam to death.
  • He fought a werewolf hunter to save Jackson and Ethan in the high school locker room.


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