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~ Coach Boomer

Coach Boomer, also known as Sonic Boom, is a minor character in the 2005 film Sky High. He is a former superhero and current teacher and coach at the Sky High school.

Role in Sky High

Coach Boomer was once the superhero Sonic Boom due to his ability to release sonic waves from his vocal cords. Once he retired from active duty, He became the gym teacher and coach at Sky High School. At Sky High, Coach Boom is in charge of power placement, where each student is chosen to be either a Hero or Sidekick. He conveniently uses his power to bark at any student who doesn't live up to his expectations or complains. Boomer is also quite possibly a rival of Stronghold from back at their high school days and hero careers since Stronghold was visibly irked when he realized that Will has been relegated as a Sidekick. He is also the referee for the sport "Save the Citizen". He is good friends with Professor Medulla, and is always trying to get him to Double date with him.


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Coach Boomer Close Up
Coach Boomer

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