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I am Cobra, Guardian of the Temple of the Snakes. I ask you to leave now, or I shall be forced to strike.
~ Cobra
Cobra is the Guardian of the Temple of the Snakes from Legend of the Dragon.

Physical Appearance

When she is unempowered, Cobra appears to be a Caucasian woman with a British accent. Cobra has black-blue hair and green eyes. She wears a green t-shirt, a brown trench coat that goes down to her feet, and beige trousers along with brown boots.

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Cobra's clothing

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Cobra from the back

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Cobra's features

Powered Up

When she is empowered, Cobra grows snake skin, her hair turns green along with her eyes and lips, and she greatly resembles a giant snake. To Empower she must say "Empower the Snake"

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Cobra empowering

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Cobra from the front

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Cobra from the back


Like all Temple Guardians, she is protective of her Temple, Shrine and Powerband and constantly attempts to defend these things from any attackers. It is unfortunate for Cobra because in Season 1, The Zodiac Master sees The Snake Powerband as the most desirable for himself and constantly goes after this band. Cobra is seen as very impatient, but thankful and respectful to all her fellow guardians.


It is thought that she knows The Zodiac Master best as they both were born in the Year of the Snake. One theory is that much like Ang and Ling, Cobra and The Zodiac Master were competing to get the Snake Power Band. However, Master Chin gave the power band to Cobra instead of him. Angered, Woo Yin turns to evil and then goes by the name "Zodiac Master". But it could also be that he wants the Snake Powerband because he "feels all its power" when wearing it as he is born in the Year of the Snake.

Power Band

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We see that Cobra's power band is red (as the snake element is fire) with a yellow gemstone of a snake on it.

The Snake Powerband

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