You've done enough!!! It's over! We won! We can end this! Ace is dead! Whitebeard is dead! The pirates no longer have the will to fight! What are we trying to prove?!? There are wounded men out there! These men have families, children, these men fight for us and we're watching them die! We could help them if we just stop fighting! But no, we're creating more bodies, more casualties. What was the point of all this?! What were they even fighting for?!?
~ Coby's speech at Marineford.

Coby is a major supporting character and one of the only noble and good willed marines in the series. He first appeared early in the series as a kid, but then eventually became a rear admiral marine.


Coby was a pirate whose job was to swab the deck, he was constantly abused by Alvida the whole time he was there, but eventually ran into Monkey D. Luffy who saved him from Alvida and set him free. He later joined Luffy for a brief time and helped him save Zoro and the city from Captain Morgan and eventually got promoted to an admiral marine. He later appeared again saying that when they meet again both him and Luffy will be enemies, despite this he still keeps his morals intact and still considers Luffy a friend.

He is promoted to rear admiral and join the Marine's special forces called "SWORD". After the abolished the Shichibukai, Coby and his troop sailed to Amazon Lily to try capture Boa Hancock. Unfortunately even as a Rear Admiral, it assumed that Coby is no match for Hancock.



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