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It happens... so that's the way it is, right?
~ Coco Yagami
Coco Yagami is one of the main characters of Ever 17: The Out of Infinity. She is a 14-year-old girl with an upbeat and childish personality. She has a robot dog named Pipi, and she only appears in Takeshi's routes. However, in several of the Kid's routes, the Kid has visions of her, but no one can see her. After having completed all routes, the final route can be unlocked. There, it's revealed that Pipi escaped from LeMU in 2017, carrying a disk containing footage of Coco trapped in IBF. Blick Winkel later appears, intending to save Takeshi and Coco. Blick Winkel later reunites with Takeshi and Coco after avoiding a time paradox and brings them both to 2034 safely.


  • Due to her direct interactions with Blick Winkel, the player of Ever 17, she could arguably be seen as the true female protagonist of the game.
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