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Cody Augustus Jones is the supporting character of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Fast Forward. He is the great-grandson of April O'Neil and Casey Jones as well as the heir apparent to O'Neil Tech. The turtles and Splinter were transported to the year 2105, where they met him. The turtles and Master Splinter are willing to teach Cody about the ways of ninjutsu to fend for himself.

Personality and Traits

Cody possesses a combination of both April's intellect and Casey's practicality. He is a technological genius, capable of inventing or modifying highly advanced devices of technology. While he doesn’t have his great-grandfather's physique, he does display Casey's strong sense of justice, which Cody uses his smarts to fight off evil.

Cody grew up reading April and Casey's journals about the turtles. The plot started because he made a device to watch their adventures through time and accidentally yanked them into the future. However, while knowing many of their adventures, Cody, is unfamiliar with their 21st century tastes.

Cody is also good friends with Starlee Hambrath, who is the only sentient being he is known to have spent time with besides his Uncle Darius before the Turtles ended up in the future. The two have mutual respect and liking for each other, but Cody is quite nervous about admitting it. However, he is willing to aid her in any way that he can, and has shown concern for her at times when she was endangered.


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