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Cody O'Connor is the other main heroine of the 2000 supernatural thriller, Bless The Child.

She was played by Holliston Coleman.

A little girl, with a disability, who has powers of light and good that the forces of evil want to control. When she turns 6, she ressurects a dead bird and she's kidnapped by Eric and his satanic cult and his plan is to change her to be just like him so he can use her powers. He puts her through tests like his attempt to manipulate a homeless man to kill himself but she stops him and tells him that God has not forgotten him and Eric later tells Cody if she believes in God to jump and she says after you. Close to the end of the movie, Eric forces her to choose the devil as her god or he'll kill Maggie.

When Eric kills Maggie, Cody ressurects her with her powers and then Eric tries to kill Cody, but he's shot and killed by Agent Travis. Later Maggie gets full custody of Cody courteousy of her sister. As Cody, Agent Travis, and Maggie are about to enter church a cult follower tries to kill Cody. But Cody looks at him and scares him away and says to the heroes it's alright now and they enter church.

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