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Cole Burris is one of the main protagonists of the film Anacondas: The Hunt For The Blood Orchid. He appears accompanying Sam Rogers, Dr. Jack Byron, Gail Stern, Dr. Ben Douglas and Gordon Mitchell on a research mission in Borneo. He seems to be the most paranoid of the group, and swears excessively out of panic, even flipping out at large extents. After their boat is wrecked, Bill finds leeches attached to Cole's back and neck. He manages to remove them with a lighter. After Dr. Ben Douglas is killed by an anaconda, Cole becomes extremely paranoid and immediately agrees with Gail to leave instead of continuing to pursue the Blood Orchids. After Gordon is killed, Cole is separated from the rest of the group, who are attempting to cut off Jack Byron and steal the raft. He is found by Tran Wu. Cole and Tran survives, and finds Gail, Sam and Bill just as the snake appears. After Sam beheads it, Cole is delighted and cusses off the dead snake, before he is attacked and taken away by another Anaconda. Bill manages to rescue him before the anaconda can strangle him. Cole survives and later leaves Borneo along with other survivors Gail Stern, Bill Johnson, and Sam Rogers.

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