Cole Phelps is a soldier and a Detective from the 2011 game L.A Noire & the main protagonist in this game.


Cole was promoted for Lieutenant in the US Marine Corp after he kills a lot of Japanese when his buddies were proud of him.


After the war ended, Cole returned to the USA as a war hero, joining the L.A.P.D. as a patrol officer. After showing extraordinary detective skills, he was promoted to a detective in the traffic division, partnered with Stefan Bekowsky.

He gradually rose through the ranks of L.A.P.D. as time passed, being promoted to homicide, then even vice. Despite his abilities, however, he was demoted to arson after a public scandal, which his superiors claimed was a disgrace for the L.A.P.D.

Even after having his reputation tarnished, he was still decisive about solving a major insurance scam, which led to his death in a final showdown with the mobsters and corrupt L.A. officials behind the scam.


Cole Phelps similar to Elliot Ness & Dick Tracy because for his detective style to look like a minted detective for himself.

Cole Phelps' outfit Swords of Justice is similar to Phoenix Wright the Blue suit & Red tie for his own style.

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