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Agent Colin Tucker is the deuteragonist of the 2011 film Johnny English Reborn. He is an MI7 operative and one of Johnny English's sidekicks.

He is portrayed by British actor and writer Daniel Kaluuya.


Colin Tucker was the son of an unidentified woman who grew up dreaming of becoming a spy, a dream he eventually fulfilled after being hired by MI7.

In 2011, he was tasked with accompanying Johnny English to Hong Kong to meet a contact, who purportedly had information on an attempt to assassinate the Chinese Premier Xiang Ping. The two agents first went to a casino to meet the contact. A visual mix-up led to English's failure to identify the right man, who was killed by an assassin, after which Tucker fainted.

From a note on the body, English learned a hotel room number so he and Colin went to the place. Tucker stayed in the hallway, conversing with his mother on the phone, while English went into the room to meet the contact who was revealed to be former CIA agent Titus Fisher.

Fisher tried to tell English about a criminal organization known as Vortex of which he is a member and which was planning to assassinate the Chinese Premier. He showed Johnny a key, that when combined with two others, unlocked Vortex's secret weapon. English didn't take the man's story seriously, doubting that Fisher was the type to be an assassin and assuming that he got the name Vortex from a box of laundry detergent. However, once Fisher told him that Vortex was responsible for President Chambal's assassination in Mozambique, Johnny began to take him seriously.

Outside the hotel, Tucker saw a janitor preparing to shoot into the apartment and tried to warn English to no avail. Fisher was fatally shot and when English and Tucker tried to apprehend the killer, she pepper-sprayed Johnny and escaped down the elevator. English looked into the apartment to see a confederate, Ling, stealing the key from Fisher's body. After Ling made it to the stairs, Johnny sent Tucker down to the street while he headed for the roof.

After failing to locate Ling outside the apartment building, Colin looked up to see the man jumping to the next building from the roof, pursued by English. Tucker ran into the next building to try to cut Ling off. After exiting he ran into Johnny and they ran after Ling through the streets of Hong Kong down to the waterfront, where the fugitive stole a boat and headed out into the open water.

The agents commandeered a cruise ship to keep up with the man and when they got in range, English sank Ling's boat with a P2 Digital Dart Gun. During the ensuing physical confrontation with the fugitive, Tucker was knocked down and watched English subdue Ling and his associates and retrieve the key. The two then flew back to London to report to their superiors. However, the key was reclaimed for Vortex when a Chinese "Susan", disguised as a steward, bamboozled Johnny who refused to listen to Tucker's suspicions.

Tucker was present when English discovered the loss of the key when attempting to deliver it to the Foreign Secretary at Pegasus' home. He thus was witness to English's misguided attacks on Pegasus' mother while trying to apprehend the Killer Cleaner who was trying to kill him.

Later, English and Tucker were responsible for meeting a second Vortex member having a key, Artem Karlenko, with whom they played golf. The latter, however, was fatally shot by the Killer Cleaner, leading English and Tucker to try to take him to a hospital in a helicopter in the hope of saving him. With his last breath, Karlenko revealed that the third man of Vortex had infiltrated MI7. Tucker soon discovered that it is Simon Ambrose, the best agent in the service, but English, being a friend of the latter, did not believe him and dismissed him, much to Colin's surprise.

After having understood that Ambrose is indeed the third man of Vortex, English finds Tucker at home and asks him to accompany him in his mission. The pair then goes to Switzerland hoping to save Xiang Ping but they are spotted by the security forces and Johnny then asks Tucker to hit him and bring him in as his prisoner to deceive the guards. However, they are then separated and Tucker is confronted with the assassin Madeleine, whom he finally manages to neutralize during a fight. After that, he discovers that English was drugged by Ambrose so that he kills Xiang Ping and tries to cut the frequency to prevent Simon from communicating with Johnny but without success. English then appears to be killed by the drugs, but psychologist Kate Sumner resuscitates him with a kiss and he manages to kill Ambrose with Tucker watching on.


Tucker is a passionate, ambitious and an all-round respectful young man. He is instantly shown to be fond of Johnny when they first meet each other. Tucker is seen as the guy to 'carry the bags' in the eyes of Johnny but later in the film, Johnny and Tucker grow closer and just as Johnny prepares to kill Ambrose (knowing Tucker was watching) he shows off he parachute that says ''Spying For You'' which triggers a smile on Tucker's face as he now knows Johnny cares for him dearly.