Dot.. spot.. puddings? Poodles? No, no puddles? 15 spotted puddles...? Oh, Balderdash!
~ The Colonel trying to decipher Towser's alert message

The Colonel is an old sheepdog who is the commanding officer of a farm owned by a major general and one of the many dogs who helped resuce the 99 dalmatian puppies in the 1961 Disney film One Hundred & One Dalmatians.

He was voiced by J. Pat O'Malley, who later voiced Colonel Hathi.

He is very amnesiac as he sometimes forget what he is saying or talking about. His closest companions are his second in command, Captain, the stable horse and Sergeant Tibbs, a tabby cat who corrects him with his mistakes. In the animated film, he talks but in the 1996 live-action film, he does not and is just an ordinary sheepdog.

One Hundred & One Dalmatians

When Pongo's 15 puppies were stolen, word spread out of the dognapping throughout London and beyond throughout Great Britain. Word reached up north in Suffolk in the countryside. A basset hound called Towser received word and decided to pass it on to the Colonel whose farm was near by. It was in the middle of the night but the Captain heard the barking and told Sergeant Tibbs to wake the Colonel. When he does, the Colonel replies to the signal and has trouble deciphering it. Tibbs helps him and conclude that the message was 15 puppies stolen. Tibbs mentioned hearing puppy bark at Hell Hall or De Vil Manison and he and the Colonel go and investigate.

When Tibbs found the 15 puppies as well as more, 99 more, he barely got out of the mansion with his life and told the Colonel who brought word back to London. As winter came, Colonel and Tibbs waited for Pongo and Perdita to arrive but Cruella De Vil arrived before them who ordered Jasper and Horace to kill the puppies as soon as possible. Colonel sent Tibbs in to rescue the puppies and they all ended up being chased around the mansion while Colonel watched from the outside window. Colonel heard Pongo and Perdy nearby and went to find them. When he did, he brought them to the mansion where they jumped in and attacked Jasper and Horace. During the fight, Colonel and Tibbs got the puppies out and brought them to the farm. When Jasper and Horace arrived at the barn, the Colonel tried to scare them off and then delay them where they were literally booted out by the Captain.


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