What breed of damn fool do you have to be to penetrate my launch site on the day of the most massive feat ever attempted by mankind? Watched by God, the population of the entire planet and my own first born.
~ Colonel James Edwards Jr.

Colonel James Darrell Edwards II is Agent J's father and a minor character in Men in Black III. He is portrayed by Mike Colter.


In 1969, he is the Colonel at the Apollo 11 launch site at Cape Kenaviral. He, along with everyone, is watching the launch with his firstborn, then known as James Darrell Edwards III. When the MPs arrested J, K and Griffin, they were taken to the Colonel and K tried to tell him the truth at Griffin's insistence. The Colonel refused to listen and ordered them locked up, but changed his mind when Griffin showed him the future. The Colonel escorted the agents to the launch tower and told them what to do. When asked what Griffin showed him, he tells them that it was the importance of J and K to the future though its unclear if he knew that J was in fact the future version of his son. After the launch and the Arc Net Shield was deployed, K offers the Colonel a job with MIB. He wishes he could when he replied back to K, but he's got a country to protect.

Unfortunately, the past Boris appeared and the Colonel tried to kill him, saving K but getting a spike through the heart in the process, killing him instantly. K then killed Boris and neuralyzed the Colonel's young son, telling him that his father was a hero. J grew up never knowing what happened to his father and only having an old pocket watch he gave him until he witnessed what really happened.


  • Colonel James inspired J to become a cop.
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