Colonel Jonathan J. O'Neill is a hero of the 1994 Science Fiction, Stargate.  He was played by Kurt Russell.

"Give my regards to King Tut, asshole!" Colonel Jonathan J. O'Neill

Stargate (1994)

During his first operation, The Abydos Mission, he is approached by the military to be activated again. While he is mourning, the sadness of the death of his son, Charlie O'Neill. Charlie shot himself with his dad's gun by accident and Colonel Jonathan believed it was suicide. Dr. Langford asks him why he is here and he replies I'm here in case you succeed. 

He and the other heroes, including Dr. Daniel Jackson, enter the portal to Abydos. There while Dr. Jackson is trying to figure out the Stargate and their way back home. They discover the humans of the planet, who warmly welcome them in, although it isn't all honky dory and pleasant, when Ra, the villain, and their god, and the other bad guys make their return and attack the heroes and bring them before Ra.

Ra orders Dr. Jackson to kill the other heroes, but Dr. Jackson instead kills some of the villains and he and the other good characters escape. Dr. Jackson finds out the way back home and at the same time, Colonel O'Neill says he brought the bomb thinking that they would not return to Earth and then they make a stand against Ra and the other bad guys and attack them. Meanwhile, Ra, who has added Naquadah ore, therefore, making the bomb 100 times more powerful than what it was before and plans to send it to Earth. But the heroes succeed in killing and defeating the villains and sending the bomb to Ra and destroying him as he escapes.

Dr. Jackson says goodbye to him and the other heroes as they return to Earth and Dr. Jackson decides to live on Abydos. Dr. Jackson also says to give Catherine back the necklace, she gave him and that it brought him luck and he replies he will before he goes through the portal to Earth.

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